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I Don't Know (1) [I Don't Know]

I Don't Know (1)

Once, a Duke who lived in Brittany was riding home with his manservant when they saw a young child lying asleep, alone by the side of the road.

The Duke was sad to see a boy, about five years old, left by the roadside, so he got down from his horse, went over to the boy, and woke him up.

" Who left you here, my boy ? " asked the Duke.

" I don't know. "

"Who are your parents ? "

" I don't know. "

" Which town do you come from ? "

" I don't know. "

" What are you called ? "

" I don't know. "

" No one seems to be taking care of you. We will take you home and keep you safe. "


I Don't Know (2) [I Don't Know]

I Don't Know (2)

So the Duke took the child to his castle, and called him N'oun-Doaré, which is the Breton for " I don't know. "

N'oun-Doaré grew up with family and was a healthy, intelligent child.

He was sent away to school  and became a handsome young man,

When N'oun-Doaré was eighteen, the Duke brought him back to live at the castle, and, to show N'oun-Doaré how pleased he was with his progress, took him to the local fair to buy him his own sword and his own horse.

First they went to look for a horse.
There were many horse-dealers at the fair, but N'oun-Doaré could find no steed that suited him.

Then they met a man leading an old mare and N'oun-Doaré shouted, " Yes ! This is the horse I want ! "

The Duke was surprised.
" That old nag ? " he said.

But the boy insisted.


I Don't Know (3) [I Don't Know]

I Don't Know (3)

The horse's owner spoke quietly to N'oun-Doaré.
" Your choice is good. See the knots in the mare's mane ? Undo one of them, and she will fly fifteen hundred leagues through the air. "
※league 古語:約3マイル

Then the Duke and  N'oun-Doaré visited the armorer.

But again, no sword was right ー then N'oun-Doaré saw an old, rusty sword.
" That is the sword I would like. "

" But you deserve much better than that, " said the Duke.
" it is old and rusty. "

" Please buy it for me ! ; I will put it to good use. "

So they bought the old sword.

When the lad looked closely at the sword he saw an inscription, almost covered by rust, which said " I am invincible. "


I Don't Know (4) [I Don't Know]

I Don't Know (4)

N'oun-Doaré could not wait to try a magical flight with his mare, and soon he undid one of the knots in her mane.

They flew to Paris, where N'oun-Doaré marveled at the city's sight.

By chance the DUke was also there ー he had been called to attend  the king.

When he met the boy, they went to the royal palace together.

The Duke introduced N'oun-Doaré to the king, and the lad was  given a job looking after some of royal stables.

One night, N'oun-Doaré  was passing a cross roads when he saw something glint in the moonlight.

It was a crown with diamond that shone in the dark.


I Don't Know (5) [I Don't Know]

I Don't Know (5)

A voice suddenly said, " Be on your guard if you take it. "

N'oun-Doaré did not realize, but it was actually the voice of his old mare.
N'oun-Doaré paused, then took it with him.

He told no one about the crown and hid it in the stables, but two of the other servants saw it shining through the keyhole and went to tell the king.

The king took the crown and called all his wise men about him.

But none of them knew where it had come from.

There was an inscription on the crown in a strange language which no one could read. 

Then the child spoke up, saying the crown belonged to the Princess of the Golden Fleece.

The king turned to N'oun-Doaré : " Bring me the Princess of the Golden Fleece to be my wife, otherwise you will meet your death. "


I Don't Know (6) [I Don't Know]

I Don't Know (6)

The lad got on his mare and began to search for the princess, although he had little idea about where to look.

He came to a beach, and saw a fish stuck on the sand which seemed to be dying.

" Put it in the sea, " said the mare, and N'oun-Doaré did so.

" Great thanks to you, " said the fish.
" You have saved the life of the king of the fish. "

Later they came to a bird was trapped in a snare.

"Let it go, " said the mare, and N'oun-Doaré did so.

" Great thanks to you, " said the bird.
" You have saved the life of the king of the birds. "

Later on their journey they came to a great castle and nearby a man was chained to a tree.


I Don't Know (7) [I Don't Know]

I Don't Know (7)

" Set him free, " said the mare, and N'oun-Doaré did so.

" Great thanks to you. You have saved the Demon King. "

" Whose castle is this ? "

" It belongs to the Princess of the Golden Fleece, " replied the Demon King.

They went into the castle and N'oun-Doaré explained why he had come.

The princess was reluctant to go, but N'oun-Doaré tricked her on to his horse, and they flew to Paris

The king wanted to marry without delay.

" Before I marry, I must have my own ring, " said the princess.

N'oun-Doaré was asked to bring the ring to the king, but N'oun-Doaré had no idea where to look.

Then the mare whispered, " Ask the king of the birds, who you saved. He will help you. "

The king of the birds chose the wren, and told her to  bring the ring to the princess.
" The wren is the best bird for this task, " he explained .
" She can fly through the keyhole of the princess's chamber. "

The wren returned with the ring, and the King wanted to marry straight away.

But the princess had another demand.
" I need to have my own castle brought to me, " she said.


I Don't Know (8) [I Don't Know]

I Don't Know (8)

Again, N'oun-Doaré was in despair.

Again, the mare whisper to him, " Ask the Demon King, who you saved. He will help you. "

The Demon King set a whole army of demons to work, moving the castle to Paris.

Then the princess had one final demand.
" I do not have the key to my castle, for it was dropped into the sea when we flew here to Paris on N'oun-Doaré's mare. "

N'oun-Doaré saw that this was a task for the King of the fish.
Finally, a fish arrived with the diamond ーstudded key in its mouth. 

At last, the Princess agreed to marry the King.


I Don't Know (9 完) [I Don't Know]

I Don't Know (9 完)

The guests were amazed to see N'oun-Doaré take his mare into the church.

When the King and princess were married, the mare's skin suddenly vanished, and there stood a beautiful young woman.

" Please marry me, N'oun-Doaré, " she said.
" I am the daughter of the King of Tartary. "

N'oun-Doaré and the princess set off to Tartary.

People say they lived happily ever after there, but they were never seen in Brittany again.

(9/9 完)

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