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The Man Who Never Knew Fear (Bravest Boy) (1) [The Bravest Boy]

The Man Who Never Knew Fear (Bravest Boy) (1)

There were once two brothers, called Lawrence and Carrol.

Lawrence was known as the bravest boy who never knew fear in the village.

Carrol, on the other hand, was fearful of the least thing, and would not go out at night.

When their mother died, they had to decide who would watch her grave.
In these days, it was the tradition that when a person had died, their relative would take it in turns to stand guard over the grave, to protect it from robbers.

Carrol, who did not want to watch his mother's grave at night, made a bet with his brother.
" You say that nothing makes you afraid, but I bet you will not watch our mother's tomb tonight. "

Lawrence replied, " I have the courage to stay there all night. "


「Important Book」 by Margaret Wise Brown

The Man Who Never Knew Fear (Bravest Boy) (2) [The Bravest Boy]

The Man Who Never Knew Fear (Bravest Boy) (2)

He put on his sword and marched boldly to the graveyard, where he sat down on a gravestone next to his mother's tomb.

At first, all went well, but then he became drowsy.

As he was dropping off to sleep Lawrence saw an awesome sight.
A huge black head with no body was floating towards him.
Lawrence drew his sword ready to strike if the thing cam any closer.

But it did not, and Lawrence stayed, looking straight at the head, until dawn.

When he got home, Lawrence told Carrol what he had seen.

" Were you afraid ? " asked Carrol.

" Of course I wasn't, " replied Lawrence.
" You know very well that nothing in the world will frighten me. "

" You will not go again, " taunted Carrol.

" I would, but I have missed a night's sleep. You go tonight, and I watch the third night, " said Lawrence.


The Man Who Never Knew Fear (Bravest Boy) (3) [The Bravest Boy]

The Man Who Never Knew Fear (Bravest Boy) (3)

But Carrol would not go, so Lawrence slept and then went to the graveyard at dusk.

A huge monster appeared scratching about near his mother7s grave.

Lawrence chopped the monster up with his sword.
The graveyard was peaceful until daybreak.

Carrol was waiting for his brother to come home.

" Did the great head come again ? " he asked.

" No, but a monster came and tried to dig up Mother's body, " said Lawrence.

At the final night of watching, a creature appeared with a man's head and long fangs.

Lawrence reached for his sword, but the ghost began to speak : " Do not strike. You have protected your mother's grave, you are the bravest man in Ireland. Great wealth awaits one as brave as you. Go and seek it. "

The next day Lawrence took the fifty pounds he had won from his brother in the bet, and set out to seek his riches.


The Man Who Never Knew Fear (Bravest Boy) (4) [The Bravest Boy]

The Man Who Never Knew Fear (Bravest Boy) (4)

On his way he met a baker, and told him the story of his adventures.

" I'll bet you fifty pounds you'll be scared by the graveyard here, " said the baker.
" Go tonight, and fetch the goblet on the altar. "

The baker knew the church was haunted, and that no one ever came out of the building alive.

That night, Lawrence strode up to the church door, hitting it firmly with his sword.

An enormous black ram, with horns as long and sharp as scythes appeared.

Lawrence struck the creature, and it fled, leaving blood all around the church doorway.


The Man Who Never Knew Fear (Bravest Boy) (5) [The Bravest Boy]

The Man Who Never Knew Fear (Bravest Boy) (5)

Then Lawrence took the goblet, and went to the baker.

The baker was astonished that Lawrence had returned in one piece, and they went to see the priest to tell him the news.

The priest was so pleased that he paid Lawrence still more money.

Lawrence had traveled through lonely countryside when he came to a valley crowded with people watching two men playing a ball game, but the crowd seemed to be frightened.

Suddenly, one of the players hurled the ball towards him.

Lawrence saw that it was the head of a man and as Lawrence caught it, it screeched, " Are you not afraid ? "

" No, I am not ! " said Lawrence, and the head, and the crowd of people , vanished from sight.


The Man Who Never Knew Fear (Bravest Boy) (6) [The Bravest Boy]

The Man Who Never Knew Fear (Bravest Boy) (6)

When Lawrence reached a town he was weary and needed lodgings.

A young man he told about his quest pointed to a large house across the road.

" Stay the night in there and you will find something to put fear in you. If you can stand it, I will give you fifty pounds more. "

Lawrence made his lodgings inside the cold, dark cellar.

The first night, a bull and a stallion fought in the room with a fearful neighing and bellowing.

Two great black rams fought in the room the next night, screeching and howling loud enough to wake the hole town.

Still Lawrence did not feel fear.


The Man Who Never Knew Fear (Bravest Boy) (7 完) [The Bravest Boy]

The Man Who Never Knew Fear (Bravest Boy) (7 完)

On the third night an old man's ghost appeared.

" You are the bravest man in Ireland, " he said.
" Do one thing for me and I will give you great riches. "

The old man told Lawrence how he had wronged a woman called Mary Kerrigan and he wanted Lawrence to beg her forgiveness.
" If you did it you could buy the house and would marry my daughter, " said the old man.

Lawrence went to Mary Kerrigan and won her forgiveness.

He bought the house, and all the land around it, and married the old man's daughter.

They lived happily in the house, and ghosts never returned.

(7/7 完)

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