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The Giant's Causeway (1) [The Giant's Causeway]

The Giant's Causeway (1)

When giants lived in Ireland, there were two who were the strongest and most famous of the giants, Fin M'Coul and Cucullin.

Cucullin rampaged all over Ireland, fighting with every giant he met, and always winning.

People said that he could make an earthquake by stamping on the ground, and flatten a thunderbolt like a pancake.

His strength was said to be in the middle finger of his right hand.

Fin was strong too, but he was afraid of Cucullin, and if he heard that the other giant was coming near, Fin found some excuse to move on.

Once time Fin and his relatives were building the Giant's Causeway, a great road over the sea to link Ireland and Scotland.


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The Giant's Causeway (2) [The Giant's Causeway]

The Giant's Causeway (2)

Word reached Fin that Cucullin was on his way.

" I think I'll be off home for a while to see my wife Oonagh, " said Fin.
" She misses me when I go away to work. "

So Fin set off to his home on top of the hill at Knockmany.

Many people wondered why Fin and Oonagh lived there.
It was a long climb up but Fin said he chose the place because he like the view.
In truth, he lived there so he could see if Cucullin was coming.
And knockmany was the best lookout for miles around.

As Fin embraced Oonagh, she asked him, " What brought you home so early, Fin ? "

" I came home to see you, my love, " said Fin, and the couple went in happily to eat.

Oonagh soon realized that he was worried, and guessed there was another reason for his return.


The Giant's Causeway (3) [The Giant's Causeway]

The Giant's Causeway (3)

" It's this Cucullin that's troubling me," admitted Fin.
" He can make the earth shake by stamping his foot, and flatten thunderbolt like a pancake. The beast is coming to get me. I don't know what I'm going to do. "

" Well, don't despair, " said his wife.
" I'll help you. "

Oonagh called across to her sister Canua, on the neighboring hill of Cullamore.

" Sister, what can you see ? " she shouted.

" The greatest giant I ever sawis coming this way. I will can him up my hill and gave him refreshment. That may give you and Fin some more time to prepare for him.  "

Fin was getting even more nervous.
All he could think of was the thunderbolt, flattened like a pancake in Cucullin's pocket, and he trembled with fear at what might become of them.

"You talk of pancakes has given me an idea. I am going to bake some bread, " said Oonagh.


The Giant's Causeway (4) [The Giant's Causeway]

The Giant's Causeway (4)

" What's the point of baking bread at a time like this ? " wailed Fin.

But Oonagh ignored him, and started the dough.

She then went out to visit her neighbors, which made Fin even more anxious.
She did not seem to be giving a thought to the giant Cucullin.

Oonagh returned with twenty-one iron griddles.
She kneaded each one into a portion of the dough, to make twenty-one cakes, each with an iron griddle in the centre.

Oonagh baked the bread cakes, put them away and then she sat down to rest, and smiled contentedly.


The Giant's Causeway (5) [The Giant's Causeway]

The Giant's Causeway (5)

The next day they spied Cucullin coming up the hill towards their house.

" jump into bed, " said Oonagh to Fin.
" Pretend to be your own child. Keep quiet, listen to me, and be guided by me. "

At two o'clock, Cucullin arrived.
" Is this the house of Fin M'coul ? " he said.
" I have heard talk that he says he is the strongest giant in all Ireland, but I want to put him to the test. "

" Yes, this is his house, but he is not here. he left suddenly in great anger because someone told him that a great beast of giant called Cucullin was in the neighborhood, and he set out at once to catch him.
I hope he doesn't catch the poor wretch, for if he does, Fin will knock the stuffing out of him. "

" Well, I am Cucullin, " replied the giant.


The Giant's Causeway (6) [The Giant's Causeway]

The Giant's Causeway (6)

" I have been searching for him. He will be sorry when I find him ー I shall squash him like a pancake. "

Fin trembled when he heard the dreaded word "pancake", but Oonagh simply laughed.

" You can't have seen Fin, or you would think differently, " she said.
" But since you are here, could you help me ? The wind is blowing at the door making a terrible draught. Turn the house round for me, as Fin would have done if he were here. "

Cucullin could not believe that Fin had the strength to do this.

But he went outside, and turned the building around with his finger, so that the wind no longer blew at the door.


The Giant's Causeway (7) [The Giant's Causeway]

The Giant's Causeway (7)

" Now, Fin was telling me that he was going to crack those cliffs on the hill below, to make a spring to bring us water. Will you do that for me, since Fin is not here ? "

Again, Cucullin was amazed at Fin's strength, and went outside to make a crack in the rocks for the water to come through.

Oonagh thanked him for his help, and offered him some food.

With the meat and cabbage, she brought one of the bread cakes she ahd baked.

When Cucullin bit on the bread, he cried out in pain, " Agah ! That's two of my best teeth broken ! "

" But that's the only bread that my husband will eat, " said Oonagh.
" Try another, it may not be so hard. "

The hungry giant grabbed another, but his hand flew to his mouth in horror: " the Devil take your bread, or I'll have no teeth left ! " he roared.

Oonagh pretended to be surprised.
" Even our son eats this bread, " she said, passing Fin a bread cake with no iron inside.


The Giant's Causeway ( 8 完) [The Giant's Causeway]

The Giant's Causeway ( 8 完)

By now Cucullin was shaking in terror.

If the young lad could eat bread like this, what would his father be like ? He had to look at the teeth of the child that could eat bread with iron inside.

" It's the back teeth that are strongest, " said Oonagh.
" Put your finger into the child's mouth, and feel for yourself. "

Fin knew his chance had come.
Fin bit hard on the giant's finger, and when Cucullin pulled his hand away in surprise, the middle finger was gone.

Cucullin was crushed.
He knew he had lost his strength.

He ran from the house, screaming and roaring, and they never saw him again.

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