Tarzan (1) [Tarzan]

Tarzan (1)

Kala loved Tarzan as if he were her natural son.

When he cried, she comforted his with songs and hugs.

Tarzan loved his ape mother, and she was very proud of him.
It didn't matter that he didn't look like everyone else.

Kala knew that they felt the same on the inside.

Still, as Tarzan grew into a young boy, he was upset that he wasn't as strong or as fast as his friends.
He never stood a chance when Terk wrestled with him, and she was always leaving him behind when she went to play with her friends.

" Can I come ? " Tarzan asked one day.

" Well, you could, if you could keep up, " Terk answered.
She didn't expect Tarzan follow her.

Kala ターザンを育てる雌ゴリラ
Terk ターザンの友達の雌ゴリラ

Tarzan (2) [Tarzan]

Tarzan (2)

He was determined, and brave, too.

When Terk dared him to get an elephant hair, he leaped off a cliff and swam into a herd of elephants.

" Piranha ! " yelled Tantor.
The young elephant had never seen anything that looked like Tarzan.
Neither had the other elephants.

Frightened, they stampeded as Kerchak scooped up and saved a baby gorilla from being trampled.

Angrily, the great silverback Kerchak approached Tarzan.
" Youalmost killed someone, " he said.

Kala tried to defend her son, but Kerchank wouldn't listen.
" we will never learn to be one of us, " Kerchak growned.
" Look at him. "

Tarzan was deeply hurt.


Tarzan (3) [Tarzan]

Tarzan (2)
Tarzan (3)

He ran away and splashed angrily at his own reflection on the water.
AS he covered himself in mud to look more like the apes in his family, Kala watched him sadly.

" Why am I so different ? " Tarzan asked her.

Kala tenderly placed Tarzan's hand on his chest, then on her own.
She wanted to show him what she already knew.

Inside, their heartbeats were the same.

" I just wish Kerchak could understand that, " Kala sighed.

" I'll be the best ape ever ! " he declared as he hugged his mother.

True to his word, Tarzan grew into a young man with amazing speed and strength.


Tarzan (4) [Tarzan]

Tarzan (4)

By imitating the animals around him, he learned many skills.
Finally, he gained Kerchak's approval as he defeated a vicious enemy, Sabor the leopard.

Tarzan lay the dead leopard at Kerchak's feet, when suddenly a new sound alarmed them.

Tarzan swung through the jungle toward the sound.

From a treetop, he looked down on the first humans he had ever seen.
Never had another animal looked so much like him.


Tarzan (5) [Tarzan]

Tarzan (5)

In their search for Tarzan, Terk and the others came across strange objects in the human camp.

Tantor was terrified, but Terk calmed him.

" These things aren't alive ! " Terk said.

As they investigated, they found that the typewriter made fun sounds.
And the plates and silverware made music.

But their music brought others.
And when Tarzan showed up with the humans, Kerchak was furious.

The human ran off while Kerchak glared at Tarzan.

Upset and confused, Tarzan climbed a high tree and spent the night alone.


Tarzan (6) [Tarzan]

Tarzan (6)

" Why didn't you tell me that there were creatures like me ? " Tarzan asked Kala later.

She looked at him sadly.
" Because it doesn't matter. " She sighed.
" You're my son. "

Though Kerchak forbade him, Tarzan was drawn to the human camp.

Every day he spent more and more time away from his gorilla family.

Brokenhearted, Kala finally brought Tarzan to the tree house where she had rescued him when he was an infant.

" Whatever you decide, I just want you to be happy, " she said to him.

Instinctively, she knew what his choice would be, and her eyes filled with tears as Tarzan hugged her.

" No matter where I go, you will always be my mother, " he said sadly.

Then dressed in his human clothes, Tarzan was gone.



Tarzan (7) [Tarzan]

Tarzan (7)

That night Kala couldn't sleep.

As the other gorillas settled in their nests, she heard a disturbing sound.
Just as Kerchak had feared, dangerous humans were closing in on them with nets and cages.

Kala was terrified.
Even Kerchak was forced to the ground.

Then suddenly Tarzan appeared, freeing the ape leader.

As Clayton picked up his gun and took aim, Tarzan snapped it out of his hand and smashed the gun on the ground.
Clayton fled.

" You came, " said Kerchak with surprise.

" This is my home, " Tarzan replied.
He was determined to make things right.

With help from Tantor, Terk, jane, and other jungle friends, they soon had the hunters in the cages and the gorillas freed.


Tarzan (8 完) [Tarzan]

Tarzan (8 完)

In the struggle, Kerchak had been shot and lay dying.

" Kerchak. . . forgive me, " Tarzan said sadly.

" No. . . forgive me for not understanding that you have always been one of us, " Kerchak replied, looking at Tarzan with respect and love.
" Take care of our family. . . my son. "

Tarzan, knowing where he belonged, took his place as the gorilla leader and went to say good-bye to Jane.
※Jane ヒロインの女性

Realizing that she'd never been happier than when she was in the jungle, Jane decided to stay.
So did her father.

The gorillas welcomed them warmly into their new family.

(8/8 完)