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Hudden and Dudden and Donald (1) [Hudden and Dudden]

Hudden and Dudden and Donald (1)

Once upon a time there were two famers, called Hudden and Dudden.

They each had a huge farm, with lush pastures for their herds of cows, and hill side fields for their sheep.
But no matter how well they had, they always wanted more.

Between their land was a little field with a tiny old cottage in the middle, lived in by a poor man named Donald O'Neary.
He only had one cow, called Daisy, and barely enough grass to feed her.

Although he was only poor, Hudden and Dudden was jealous of Donald.
They wanted to divide his land between them, to make their farms even bigger.

Whenever the two rich famers met, they talked about how they could get rid of poor Donald.


Hudden and Dudden and Donald (2) [Hudden and Dudden]

Hudden and Dudden and Donald (2)

One day, Hudden said, " Let's kill Daisy, then he'll soon clear out. "

So, Hudden and dudden fed some poison to Daisy, and made off with all speed.

At nightfall, Donald went to Daisy's shed.
The cow licked her master's hand affectionately, then collapsed on to the floor, and died.

Donald was saddened at Daisy's death.
But he was used to being poor and he began to make a plan.
" At least I can get some money for Daisy's hide, " he thought.
And then he had an idea.
※hide 毛皮

The next day, Donald marched off to the fair in the nearby town, with Daisy's hide slung over his shoulder.
Before he got the fair, he stopped in a quiet spot, made some slits in the hide, and put a penny in each of slits.


Hudden and Dudden and Donald (3) [Hudden and Dudden]

Hudden and Dudden and Donald (3)

Then he chose the town's best inn, strode in, hung the hide on a nail, and ordered the best whisky.

The landlord looked at Donald's ragged clothes.

" Don't worry, " said Donald.
" I may look poor, but this hide gives me all the money I want. "

Donald walked over to the hide, hit it with his stick, and out fell a penny.

The landlord was flabbergasted.

" What can I give you for that hide ? " he asked.

" It's not for sale, " replied Donald.
" My family have lived off that hide for years. "

And Donald whacked the hide again, producing another penny.


Hudden and Dudden and Donald (4) [Hudden and Dudden]

Hudden and Dudden and Donald (4)

After the hide had produced more pennies, the landlord could stand it no longer.
" I'll give you a whole bag of gold for that hide ! " he shouted.

Donald gave in, and the deal was struck.

When Donald got home, he visited Hudden.
" Would you lend me your scales ? I have sold a hide and want to work out what I have made. "

Hudden could not believe his eyes as Donald tipped the gold into his scales.
" You got all that for one hide ? " he asked.

He raced round to Dudden's, to tell him what had happened.

Dudden could not believe that Daisy's hide was worth a bag of gold, so Hudden took his neighbor to Donald's hovel.


Hudden and Dudden and Donald (5) [Hudden and Dudden]

Hudden and Dudden and Donald (5)

They walked into Donald's cottage, and there was Donald sitting at the table, counting his gold.

" Good evening Hudden ; good evening Dudden. You thought you were so clever, with your tricks.  But you did me a good turn. Daisy's skin was worth it's weight in gold at the fair. "

The next day, Hudden and Dudden killed every single cow and calf in their fine herds.
They loaded hudden's cart and set off to the fair.

when they arrived, Hudden and Dudden each took one of the largest hides, and walked around the market shouting " Fine hides ! Who'll buy our fine hides ? "

Soon a tanner went up to them.

" How much are you changing for your hides ? "
☆訂正 申し訳ありません☆
" How much are you charging for your hides ? "

" Just their weight in gold. "

" You have been in the tavern too long if you think I'll fall for that one, " exclaimed the tanner.


Hudden and Dudden and Donald (6) [Hudden and Dudden]

Hudden and Dudden and Donald (6)

Then a cobbler came up to them.
"How much are you charging for your hides ? "
(前回の同表現に誤りがありました changing→charging)

" Just their weight in gold. "

" What sort of a fool do you take me for ? " shouted the cobbler, and landed Hudden a punch in the belly that made him stagger backwards.

A crowd soon gathered and one of the crowd was the innkeeper.
" What's going on ? " he shouted.

" A pair of villains are trying to sell hides for their weight in gold, " replied the cobbler.


Hudden and Dudden and Donald (7) [Hudden and Dudden]

Hudden and Dudden and Donald (7)

" Grab them ! They're probably friends of the man who cheated me out of a bag of gold yesterday, " said the innkeeper.

But Hudden and Dudden ran.

They got more punches, and some tears in their clothes, but eventually they ran all the way home.

Donald O'Neary saw them coming, and could not resist laughing at them.

But Hudden and Dudden were determined to punish Donald.


Hudden and Dudden and Donald (8) [Hudden and Dudden]

Hudden and Dudden and Donald (8)

Hudden had grabbed a sack, and Dudden forced Donald into it and tied it up.

" We'll throw him into the Brown Lake ! " said Dudden.

But Hudden and Dudden were tired with running from the town and carrying Donald so they stopped for a drink on the way leaving Donald, in his sack, on the inn doorstep.

Once more, Donald thought how he could gain from his problem.


Hudden and Dudden and Donald (9) [Hudden and Dudden]

Hudden and Dudden and Donald (9)

He started to shout inside the sack: " I won't have her I tell you ! "

He repeated this until a farmer, who had just arrived with a drove of cattle, took notice.
" What do you mean ? " asked the farmer.

" They are forcing me to marry the King's daughter, but I won't. "

The farmer thought it would be fine to marry the King's daughter and never again to get up at down to milk the cows.
" I'll swap places with you, " said the farmer.
" You can take my herd, and I will get into the sack to be taken to marry the King's daughter. " 

So the farmer let out Donald O'Neary and got into the sack himself.
Donald tied up the cord and drove away the herd of cattle.


Hudden and Dudden and Donald (10 完) [Hudden and Dudden]


Hudden and Dudden and Donald (10)

Then Hudden and Dudden came out of the inn and picked up their burden.
When theyr eached the lake they threw the sack in, and returned home.

Hudden and Dudden could not believe their eyes when they arrived.
There was Donald O'Neary with a large new herd of fine fat cattle.

Donald said, " There's lots of fine cattle down at the bottom of the lake. Why shouldn't I take some for myself ? Come along with me and I will show you. "

When they got to the lake, Donald pointed to the reflection of the clouds in the water.
" Don't you see the cattle ? " he said.

Greedy to own a rich herd like their neighbor, the two farmers dived headfast into the waters of the lake.

And they have never been seen since.

(10/10 完)

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