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Paddington on the river [Paddington on the river]

Paddington on the river

One morning, Paddington was woken early by the sound of voices.

They seems to be coming from somewhere outside his window, and as he climbed out of bed he helped himself to some marmalade ー just to make sure he wasn't still dreaming.


When he peered out of his window he found to his surprise that all the Brown family were gathered round a large box-like object in the middle of the lawn.

It was all very mysterious and it definitely needed investigating  ; so without further ado, he put on his duffle-coat and hurried downstairs.

He joined the others just as Mrs. Bird was shutting the lid on a large wicker basket.

" Trust Paddington ! " said Jonathan.
" It was meant to be a surprise, " groaned Judy.

" Don't worry, Paddington, " laughed Mrs.Brown, when she saw the look on his face.
" We are only going for a picnic on the river. "

" And guess what ? " said Judy.
" Daddy's giving a prize to whoever catches the first fish of the day ! "

Paddington had never been on a picnic before, let alone on a river, and he was very excited.

He had quick bath and then, while Jonathan and Judy looked for some fishing nets, he made a special sandwich with the rest of his marmalade and put it under his hat incase of an emergency.


It was a very gay party of Browns who arrived at the boathouse.

" I'll put you in charge of the pole, Paddington, " called Mr. Brown, as they climbed into a punt.

" Thank you very much, Mr. Brown, " said Paddington.
" Bears are good at poles. "

" Right ! " called Mr. Brown, when they were all settled.
" Cast off ! Anchors aweigh ! "

" Do what, Mr. Brown ? " called Paddington.

" Put the end of the pole in the water and push, " shouted Jonathan.

" Oh, dear, " said Mrs. Brown, as the boat began to move.
" I'm sure something awful is going to happen . . . . "

Paddington did as he was told, and as soon as he felt the end of the pole touch bottom he shoved at it with all his might.

The words were hardly out of her mouth when her worst fears were realized.

Paddington discovered it was one thing pushing a pole into the bed of a river, but quite another matter getting it out again.

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It was well and truly stuck in the mud.

" Help !, " he cried, as he felt the punt glide away from under him.

" Mercy me ! " cried Mrs. Bird.

" Do something, Henry ! " gasped Mrs. Brown.

" Do something ? " said Mr. Brown crossly.
" What can I do ? Paddington's got the pole. "

" Hold on Paddington ! " shouted Jonathan.





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