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The Red Shoes (1) [The Red Shoes]

The Red Shoes (1)

 Once there was a little girl wha was delicate and lovely but very poor.

  In the summer she had to go barefoot and in the winter she had to wear wooden shoes that rubbed against her poor little ankles and made them red and sore.

  In the same village there lived an old widow whose husband had been a shoemaker ; and she was sewing a pair of shoes from scraps of red material.

  She did her very best, but the shoes looked a bit clumsy, though they were sewn with kindness.
  They were meant for the poor little girl, whose name was Karen.


The Red Shoes (2) [The Red Shoes]

The Red Shoes (2)

  Now on that very day that her mother was to be buried, Karen was given the red shoes. 

  Though they weren't the proper colour for mourning, she had no others, so she put them on.
  Raggedly dressed, barelegged, with red shoes on her feet, she walked behind the pauper's coffin.

  A big old-fashioned carriage drove by ; in it sat an old lady.
  She noticed the little girl and felt so sorry for her that she went at once to the minister and spoke to him.
  " Let me have that little girl, and I shall be good to her and being her up. "

  Karen thought it was because of her new rd shoes that the old lady had taken a fancy to her.
  But old lady declared that the shoes looked frighten and had them thrown into the stove and burned.

  Karen was dressed in nice and clean clothes and taught to rad and to sew.

  Everyone agreed that she was a very pretty child ; but the mirror said, " You are more than pretty, you are beautiful. "


The Red Shoes (3) [The Red Shoes]

The Red Shoes (3)

  It happened that the queen was making a journey throughout the country, and she had her daughter, the little princess, wiith her.

  Everywhere people streamed to see them.

  When they arrived at a castle near Karen's village, the little girl followed the crowd out there.

  Looking out of one of the great windows of the castle was the little princess.
  So that people could see her, she was standing on a little stool.

  She had no crown on her head but she wore a very pretty white dress and loveliest red shoes, mede from morocco.

  They were certainly much prettier than the ones the old shoemaker's widow had made for Karen.
  But even they had been red shoes, and to Karen nothing else in the world was so desirable.

  Karen became old enough to be confirmed.
  She was to have a new dress and new shoes for this solemn occation.


The Red Shoes (4) [The Red Shoes]

The Red Shoes (4)

  The old lady took her to the finest shoemaker in the nearby town and he measured hrs little foots. Glass cabinets filled with the most elegant shoes and boots covered the walls of his shop.

  But the old lady's eyesight was so poor that she didn't get much out of looking at the display.

  Karen did ; between two pairs of boots stood a pair of red shoes just like the ones the princess had worn. Oh, how beautiful they were !

  The shoemaker said that they had been made for the daughter of a count but that they hadn't fitted her.

  " I think they are patent leather, " remarked the old lady.
  " They shines "

  " Yes, they shine ! " sighed Karen as she tried them on.


The Red Shoes (5) [The Red Shoes]

The Red Shoes (5)

  They fitted the child and the old woman bought them.

  Had she known that they were red, she wouldn't have because it was not proper  to wear red shoes when you were being confirmed. But her eyesight was failing ー poor woman ! ー and she had not seen the colour.

  Everyone in the church looked at Karen's feet, as she walked towards the altar.

  On the walls of the church hung paintings of the former ministers and their wives who were buried there ; they were portrayed wearing black with white ruffs arounf their necks.

  Karen felt that even they were staring at her red shoes.


The Red Shoes (5) [The Red Shoes]

The Red Shoes (5)

  When the old bishop laid his hands on her head and  spoke of the solemn promise she was about to make ― of her covenant with God to be a good Christian ー her mind was not on his words.

  The music was played on the organ ; the old cantor sang, and the sweet voices of the children could be heard, but Karen was thinking of her red shoes.

  By afternoon, everyone had told the old lady about the colour of Karen's shoes.

  She was very angry and scolded the girl, telling her how improper it was to have worn red shoes in church, and that she must remember always to wear black ones, even if she had to put on an old pair.

  Next Sunday Karen was to attend communion. She looked at her black shoes and she looked at her red shoes ; then she looked at her red shoes once more and put them on.


The Red Shoes (6) [The Red Shoes]

The Red SHoes (6)

  The sun was shining, it was a beautiful day.

  The old lady and Karen took the path across the fields and their shoes got a bit dirty.

  At the entrance to the church stood an old invalid soldier learning on a crutch. He had a marvellously long beard that was red with touches of white in it.

  He bowed low towards the old lady and asked her permission to wipe the dust off her feet. Karen put her little foot forward too.

  " What pretty little dancing shoes ! " said the soldier and , tapping them on the soles, he added, " Remember to stay on her feet for the dance. "

  The old lady gave the soldier a penny, and she and Karen entered the church.


The Red Shoes (7) [The Red Shoes]

The Red Shoes (7)

  Again everyone looked at Karen's feet, even the poeple in the paintings on the wall.

  When she knelt in front of the alter and the golden cup was lifted to her lips, she thought only of the red shoes and saw them reflected in the wine.
She did not join in the singing of the psalm and she forgot to say the Lord's Prayer.

  The coachman had come with the carriage to drive them home from church. The old lady climbed in and Karen was about to follow her when the old soldier, who was standing nearby, remarked, " Look at those pretty dancing shoes. "


The Red Shoes (8) [The Red Shoes]

The Red Shoes (8)

  His words made her take a few dancing steps.
  Once she had bigun, her feet would not stop. It was as if the shoes had taken command of them. She danced around the corner of the church ; her will was not her own.

  The coachman jumped off the carriage and ran after her.

  When he finally caught up with her, he grabbed her and lifted her up from the ground, but her feet kept on dancing in the air, even after he managed to get her into the carriage.

  The poor old woman was kicked nastily while she and the coachman took Karen's shoes off her feet, so she could stop dancing.

  When they got home, the red shoes were put away in a cupboard, but Karen could not help sneaking in to look at them.


The Red Shoes (9) [The Red Shoes]

The Red Shoes (9)

  The old lady was very ill.

  The doctors had come and said that she would not live much longer.

  She needed careful nursing and constant care, and who else but Karen to give it to her ? 

  In the town there was to be a great ball and Karen had been invited to go.

  She glanced at her red shoes. To grance was no sin. Then she put them on ; that too did no great harm.
But she went to the ball !

  She danced !
  But when she wanted to dance to the left, the shoes danced to the right ; and when she wanted to dance up the ballroom floor, the shoes danced right down the stairs and out into the street.

  Dance she did, out through the city gates and into the dark forest.


The Red Shoes (10) [The Red Shoes]

The Red Shoes (10)

  Something shone through the trees.
  She thought it was the moon because it had a face.

  But it was not ; it was the old soldier with the red beard.
He nodded to her and exclaimed, " Look what beautiful dansing shoes ! "

  Terrified, she tried to pull off her shoes.
  The tore her stockings but the shoes stayed on. They had grown fast to her feet.

  Dance she did ! And dance she must !

  Over the fields and meadows, in the rain and sunshine, by night and by day.
  But it was more horrible and frightening at night when the world was dark.

  She danced through the gates of the churchyard ; but the dead did not dance with her, they ahd better things to do.


The Red Shoes (11) [The Red Shoes]

The Red Shoes (11)

  She wanted to sit down on the pauper's garve, where the bitter herbs grew, but for her there was no rest.

  The church door was open and she danced towards it, but an angel, dressed in white, who had on his back great wings that reached almost to the ground, barred her entrance.

  His face was stern and grave, and in his hand he had a broad, shining sword.

  " You shall dance, " he said, " dance in your red shoes until you become pale and thin. Dance till the skin on your face turns yellow and clings to your bones as if you were a skeleton. Dance you shall from door to door, and when you pass a house where proud and vain children live, there you shall knock on the door so that they will see you and fear your face. Dance, you shall dance.... Dance ! "


The Red Shoes (12) [The Red Shoes]

The Red Shoes (12)

  " Mercy ! " screamed Karen, but heard not what the angel answered, for her red shoes carried her away, down through the churchyard, over the meadows, along the highways, through the lanes ; always dancing.

  One morning she danced past a house that she knew well.

  From inside she heard psalms being sung.
  The door opened and a coffin decked with flowers was carried out.
  The old lady who had been so kind to her was dead. Now she felt taht she was forsaken by all of mankind and cursed by God's angel.

  Dance she must, and dance she did. The shoes carried her across fields and meadows, through nettles and briars that tore her feet so they bled.

  One morning she danced across the lonely heath until she came to a solitary cottage.
  Here, she knew, the executionar lived.

  With her fingers she tapped on his window.
  " Come out ! Come out ! " she called.
  " I cannot come inside, for I must dance. " 


The Red Shoes (13) [The Red Shoes]

The Red Shoes (13)

  The excutuinor opened his door and came outside.

  When he saw Karen he said, " Do you know who I am ? O am the one who cuts off hte heads of evil men ; 
and I can feel my axe beginning to quiver now. "

  " Do not cut off my head, " begged Karen, " for then I should not be able to repent. But cut off my feet. "

  She confessed her sins and the excutioner cut off her feet, and the red shoes danced away with them into the dark forest.

  The excutioner carved a pair of wooden feet for her and made her a pair of crutches. He taught her the psalm that a petitent sings.

  She kissed the hand that had guided the axe and went on her way.

  " Now I have suffered enough because of those red shoes, " thought Karen.
  " I shall go to church now and be among other people. "

 But when she walked up to the door of the church, the red shoes danced in front of her, and in horror she fled.

  All during that week she felt sad and cried many a bitter tear.

明日、明後日は、The Red Shoes は定刻に出ます。

The Red Shoes (14) [The Red Shoes]

The Red Shoes (14)

  When Sunday came she thought, " Now I have suffered and struggled long enough. I am just as good as many of those who are sitting and praying in church right now, and who dare to throw their heads back with pride. "

  This reasonig gave her courage, but she came no father than the gate of the churchyard. There were the shoes dancing in front of her.
  In terror she fled, but this tome she really repented in the depth of her heart.

  She went to the monister's house and begged to given work. She said that she did not care about wages but only wanted a roof over her head and enough to eat.

  The monister's wife hired the poor cripple because she felt sorry for her.

  Karen was grateful that she had been given a place to live and she worked hard.

  In the evening when the monister read from the Bible, she sat and listened thoughtfully.

  The children were fond of her and she played with them, but when they talked of finery and being beautiful like a princess. she would sadly shake her head.

  When Sunday came, everyone in the household got ready for church. and they asked her to go with them. Poor Karen's eyes filled with tears. She sighed and glanced towards her churches.

  When the others had gone, she went into her little room that was so small that a bed and a chair were all it could hold.

  She sat down and began to read from her psalmbook.

  The wind carried the music from the church organ down to her, and she lifted her tear-stained face and whispered, " Oh, God, help me ! "

  Suddenly teh sunlight seemed doubly bright and an angel of God stood before her. He was the same angel who with his sword had barred her entrance to the church, but now he held a rose branch covered with flowers.


The Red Shoes (15 完) [The Red Shoes]

The Red Shoes (15 完)

  With this he touched the low ceiling of the room and it rose high into the air and, where he had touched it, a golden star shone. He touched the walls and they widened.

  Karen saw the organ.
  She saw the old paintings of the ministers and their wives ; and there were the congregation holding their psalmbooks in front of them and singing.

  The church had come to the poor girl in her little narrow chamber ; or maybe she had come to the church.
  Now she sat among the others, and when they finished singing the psalm they looked up and saw her.

  Someone whispered to her ; " It is good that you came, Karen. "

  " This is His mercy, " she replied.

  The great organ played and the voices of the children in the choir mingled sweetly with it.
  The clear, warm sunshine streamed through the window.

  The sunshine filled Karen's heart till it so swelled with peace and happiness that it broke.

  Her soul flew on a sunbeam up to God ; and up there no one asked her about the red shoes.

(15/15 完)

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