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Flowers and Trees (1) [Flowers and Trees]

Floweres and Trees (1)

  One morning at dawn the trees were still and deep in sleep when a bird flew to a branch on one of them and started to sing its little heart out.

  As the sky grew pinker and brighter, the bird warbled and chirped and tweeted a beautiful song praising the day and urging one and all to get up and enjoy it.

  The trees awoke and stretched their limbs.

  The lilies awoke, the mushrooms awoke, the daisies opened their big black eyes and yawned.

  Then they washed by dipping their heads in the pool and shaking them in the water.

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古いアニメ映画のストーリー(Silly Symphonies)です。

Floweres and Trees (2) [Flowers and Trees]

Flowers and Trees (2)

  Suddenly everyone and averything was wide awake and very busy.

  The flowers and the mushrooms bent and swayed, performing their morning exercises.

  A slender young elm stooped beside the clear water where she could see her reflection and powdered her nose with a dandelion puff.

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  She was lovely, and a young sapling who was watched her longingly wished he dared speak to her.

  But someone else was watching the elm, and he wanted her for his own.

  A hideous old tree, which had been blasted by lightning many years before and had burned in a forest fire, wanted the beautiful  green-leaved elm to brighten his dreary corner of the woods.


Flowers and Trees (3) [Flowers and Trees]

Flowers and trees (3)

  There all the trees were gnarled and leafless.

  Snakes and vipers lived in their hollow trunks, vultures perched on their crooked branches, and the remains of carrion strewed the ground.

  No flowers, no other things of beauty graced that haunted place.

  The old tree had decided that he must take the graceful, leafy elm to live next to him.

  Biding his time, he grabbed at her when she had finished her toilette.

  His spiky hands clutched her trunk, and he was about to carry her off when the young sapling came to the rescue. 

  They fought a duel with wooden clubs, and the sapling managed to free the elm and place her behind him while he and the old tree battled it out.

  The sapling froced the old tree back step by step, and it was clear that the horrid old fellow was no match for the vigorous young sapling.

  But he had not lived so long without learning a few tricks of survival.


Flowers and Trees (5) [Flowers and Trees]

Flowers and Trees (5)

  At last some brave little birds with sharp beaks flew straight up in the sky where a small cloud floated.

  Then they lined up in a V-formation and dive-bombed the cloud.

  As their beaks punctured it, rain poured from the cloud.

  The flames hissed and died where the water hit them until only one small fire remained near the edge of the pool.

  And that was put out by the flower brigade.

  The wicked old tree perished in his own fire, but everyone else was safe and rejoiced.

  The sapling serenaded his lady love on a harp string one a nearby tree.

  At last he had the courage to tell her of his love in song while a chain of daisies formed themselves in to a heart to make the message ever clearer.


Flowers and Trees (4) [Flowers and Trees]

Flowers and Trees (4)

  In a last desperate attempt to win the fight ー and the beautiful elm ー the old tree picked up the one weapon that forest-folk fear most horribly : FIRE !

  Brandising a burning torch, the wicked old tree leered at the elm and her protector.

  Then he threw it at their feet with all his might.

  Immediately small flames crackled through the underbrush and licked at the dry grasses.

  The elm shrank back terrified, while her brave sapling tried to stamp out the fire.

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  All the forest tried to help.
  The bluebells rang a shrill warning.
  The owl flew from tree to tree giving the alarm.

  Big trees tried to rescue small ones, the caterpillar disappeared underground, and some of the flowers near the edge of the pond formed a fire brigade, filling their cups with water and spraying it on the approaching flames.

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Flowers and Trees (6 完) [Flowers and Trees]

Flowers and Trees (6)

  Dropping to one knee, the sapling proposed to the elm.

  To his delight she accepted, upon which the caterpillar emerged from the ground and rolled himself up to make a beautiful engagement ring.

  And so the sapling and his lovely elm stood side by side, their leafy branches intertwined.

  The bluebells rang out, the birds sang, the daisies danced, and every living thing in the forest rejoiced in their happiness.

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