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Hunter Little Hiawatha (1) [Hunter Little Hiawatha]

Hunter Little Hiawatha (1)

  By the shore of Gitchee Gumee, near the shining Big-Sea-Water, Little Hiawatha lived with his indian tribe.

  He wished most of all to become an indian brave like his father, a great hunter, a fearless warrior, one who knew all the secrets of the river and the forest.

  One day Hiawatha took his kanoe of birch bark and paddled down the river and through the canyon.

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  He heard the lappin of the waters and the sounds of music from the pine trees.
  " Minne-wawa ! " said the pine trees.
  " Mudway-aushka ! " said the water.

  Little Hiawatha came to a great waterfall, but he paddled his canoe behind the waterfall and out again without a drop of water falling on him.

  Through a whirlpool in the river, which whirled the birch canoe in circles, little Hiawatha bravely paddled on.

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Hunter Little Hiawatha (2) [Hunter Little Hiawatha]

Hunter Little Hiawatha (2)

  For he'd come to hunt the red deer, hunt the rabbit, hunt the squirrel, and the great bear.

  Fearless was this mighty warrior and skiled in all the craft of hunters.

  Hiawatha stopped his canoe near the bank of the river.

  As he got out, he stood with one moccasined foot on the bank and the other on the edge of the canoe, as he had seen his father do.
 But what was wrong ?

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  The canoe slipped out into the stream, and Hiawatha landed with a splash in the water.

  From teh forest came the sounds of animals laughing.

  Angrily, Hiawatha climbed up onto the river bank and stalked into the forest, his little bow and arrow in his hands.

  He would show them he was a  !hunter not to be laughed at !


Hunter Little Hiawatha (3) [Hunter Little Hiawatha]

Hunter Little Hiawatha (3)

  He chased three squirrels through the forest, but they scampered up a tree and escaped.

  Then he discovered strange animal tracks on the ground and heard a strange stomping sound.
  What dangerous creature could this be ?

  Following the tracks and the sound, brave Hiawatha found himself face to face with a ー grasshopper.
  He aimed his bow and arrow, but just at that moment his deerskin pants fell down.

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  As Hiawatha paused to pull up his pants, the grasshopper leaped away, and once again there was the sound of animals laughing in the forest.

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Hunter Little Hiawatha (4) [Hunter Little Hiawatha]

Hunter Little Hiawatha (4)

  Angrilly, Hiawatha chased a group of rabbit who hopped up on a tree stump and was cornered by the faerless hunter.

  Hiawatha yelled " Yappee ! " and did the terrifying war dance of the Indian braves.

  The he prepared to shoot the rabbit.

  Trembling with fight, the baby rabbit waited for Hiawatha's arrow to finish him off.

  But just as Jiawatha drew back on his bow, his pants fell down again.

  As he pulled them bck up, he was eye to eye with the rabbit, and he saw a large tear roll down the little fellow's face.


Hunter Little Hiawatha (6) [Hunter Little Hiawatha]

Hunter Little Hiawatha (6)

  Embarrassed, Hiawatha backed away from the grateful animals and ran off deeper into the forest where he could still hear their cheers faintly.

  He sighed sadly.
  he would never be a hunter, but maybe he could be a great tracker, following animals and learning all about them.

  Just then Hiawatha noticed some large paw prints on the ground.

  He got down on his hands and knees to examine them.

  He put hois ear to the ground as he had seen the braves do, to listen for an animal's footsteps.

  And he crawled along the ground on all fours, following the big tracks.


Hunter Little Hiawatha (5) [Hunter Little Hiawatha]

Hunter Little Hiawatha (5)

  Hiawatha felt sonsorry that he lowered his bow and arrow and let the rabbit run in safety to join his family.

  The mighty hunter did not have the heart to shoot such a helpless little creature.

  Hiawatha picked up his bow and arrowand looked at them angrily.

  Theywere of no use to an Indian brave who could not bear to harm any of the animals.

  He broke them over his knee and threw the pieces away.

  At that, loud cheers and shouts went up from all the forest creatures who were hiding behind trees and watching Hiawatha's every move with bright eyes

  they jumped up and down with joy and applauded him.


Hunter Little Hiawatha (7) [Hunter Little Hiawatha]

Hunter Little Hiawatha (7)

  Meanwhile, a small bear cub came out of his cave, sniffing along the ground.

  Suddenly, BUMP !

  The cuband and Hiawatha knocked heads.
  They looked up, face to face, each make a frightened sound, and the cub ran away as fast as his little legs could go.

  Hiawatha ran after him, only wanting to be friends.

  The cub ran to a large brown rock, jumping on top of it, and hid on the other side.

  Hiawatha followed, jumping on top of the rock, too.
  But the rock was soft : it moved, and then it growled so loudly that the forest echoed. It was no rock, but a huge, fierce mother bear who had been taking a nap nearby.

  She lumbered to her feet and tried to knock Hiawatha off her back.

  He caught at the bear's nose as he fell and found himself looking into a hideous mouth full of sharp bear teeth.

  Roaring, the bear shook her head and tossed Hiawatha to the ground ; then she started after him. 


Hunter Little Hiawatha (8) [Hunter Little Hiawatha]

Hunter Little Hiawatha (8)

  And now all the forest animals were alerted that their new friend was in danger.

  The beavers beat out a message with their flat tails on a hollow log.

  Three raccons scampered up a tree, grabbed a long vine, and waited till Hiawatha ran past.

  Then they stretched the vine across the path and tripped the bear who was chasing him.

  The beavers gnawed down a tree and made a log boat to ferry Hiawatha across the river.

  But the bear wasn't far behind him, and she made a great dive onto one end of the log.

  Up flew Hiawatha into the air.
  He grabbed onto a branch of a tree and continued climbing up, up, up, for all he was worth.

  But the bear clambered out of the water, and she quickly started up a tree after Hiawatha.

  In no time the three beavers followed, and they went to work busily gnawing at the tree trunk.

  Just as the bear was about to grab Hiawatha at the very top of the tree, the tree began to sway and fall with Hiawatha and the bear clinging to it for dear life.

  A family of opossums in the nearby trees caught Jiawatha in midair.

  Hanging by their tails from the branches, they passed the little Indian from one to another, swinging him through the air safely away from the bear who had fallen to the ground. 


Hunter Little Hiawatha (9 完 ) [Hunter Little Hiawatha]

Hunter Little Hiawatha (9完)

  In the meantime, a little fawn had been harnessed to two branches that formed a carrier.

  The opossums deposited Hiawatha neatly on the carrier, some friendly squirrels handed him the reins, and off went the fawn wagon speeding through the woods to the shore of the lake.

  There the forest cretures helped Hiawatha into his canoe and watched from the shore as their new friend turned his canoe homeward.

  So it was that Hiawatha came to the end of his days of hunting.

  And the bearver called him brother, while rabbit and the red squirrel and the little deer that watched him thoughtof him as a friend departing.

  Mighty hunter Hiawatha !
  Mighty chieftain Hiawatha !
  Mighty Little Hiawatha !  

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