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Kate Crackernuts (1) [Kate Crackernuts]

Kate Crackernuts (1)

  Long long ago, there lived a King and a queen.
  Each had a daughter : the King's daughter, Kate, was fairer than th queen's daughter, and the queen was jealous of her.

  The queen plotted a way to spoil Kate's beauty.

  The queen visited a witch, who told her to stop Kate from eating and to send the girl to her.

  The queen sent Kate to the witch to ask for some eggs, but Kate had a bite to eat before she left the house.

  When kate arrived, the witch told her to lift the lid off a pot.
  But nothing happened.

  "Tell your mother to keep the larder locked, " said the witch.


Kate Crackernuts (2) [Kate Crackernuts]

Kate Crackernuts (2)

  The next morning, kate went to the witch.

  On her way she saw some people picking peas.
  Kate had some peas to eat, so once more nothing happened when the witch asked Kate to open the pot.

  The next day the queen went with Kate.
  When Kate lifted the lid of the pot, the head of a sheep changed places with kate's own head.

  The queen was satisfied.

  The queen's daughter was sorry for Kate.
  She put a cloth over Kate's head and they set out to see if anyone could cure.

  The two girls went far until Kate's sister did not feel well, so they tried to find lodgings in a castle which belonged to a King.


Kate Crackernuts (3) [Kate Crackernuts]

Kate Crackernuts (3)

  They Knocked on the door, and the guards let them in.

  Once inside the castle courtyard, the girls told the people they were travelers far way from home and asked if they could have lodgings for the night.

  They were soon granted their wish, as long as Kate stayed up at night to llok after the King's sick son. Kate was promised a purse of silver, and she agreed.

  At midnight the castle clock struck twelve and the prince climbed out of bed. he put on his clothes, opened the door of his roon, and went downstairs to the stables.

  Kate followed, making sure that she wasn't seen even when she jumped silently up on the horse behind him.


Kate Crackernuts (4) [Kate Crackernuts]

Kate Crackernuts (4)

  As they rode through a forest Kate picked nuts from the trees.

  When they reached a green hill, the prince stopped his horse.
  " Open and let the prince enter, " said the King's son.

  " And his lady, too, " said Kate, quietly.

  An opening appeared and they rode in.
  Kate saw a fine hall, filled with dancing lords and ladies.

  Kate watched some fairies and a child playing with a wand.

  " Three strokes of the wand will make Kate's sister well, " said a fairy.

  So Kate rolled nuts across the floor to the child until he forgot the wand, and kate hid it in her apron.


Kate Crackernuts (5) [Kate Crackernuts]

Kate Crackernuts (5)

  When a cock crew, the prince mounted his horse, and with Kate behind they rode back to the castle.

  As soon as she could, Kate tapped her sister three times with the wand, and she was better.

  Then Kate's sister touched Kate with the wand, and the sheep's head disappeared.

  Kate's fair face returned.

  Kate then sat by the fire, cracking nuts and eating them as if nothing had happened. 


Kate Crackernuts (6) [Kate Crackernuts]

Kate Crackernuts (6)

  When the King asked her how she had fared with his son, she replied that he had had a good night.

  The King asked her to sit with him one night more, and he offered her a purse of gold pieces in payment if she would agree.

  So the next night kate once more sat by the prince's bedside.

  When the clock struck midnight, the prince went to his horse and rode again to the green hill, as before.

  The King asked kate to watch his son one night more.
  " How shall I reward you this time ? " asked the King.

  " Let me merry your son if I look after him for a third night. "


kate Crackernuts (7) [Kate Crackernuts]

Kate Crackernuts (7)

  As on the two previous nights, the prince went to his horse at midnight and rode to the green hill.

  Kate sat quietly as the prince danced.

  Once more, she noticed the small child who had had the wand.
  This time, he was playing with a bird, and kate heard one of the fairy say, " Three bites of that bird woud cure the prince. "

  So kate rolled nuts across the floor to the child until he had forgotten the bird, and Kate hid it in her apron.

  They returned to the castle, and instead of cracking her nuts as before, Kate plucked the bird and roasted it.

  When he smelled the bird, the prince said, " That smells very fine. I would like to have some of that meat to eat. "


Kate Crackernuts (8 完) [Kate Crackernuts]

Kate Crackernuts (8)

  Kate gave him one bite, and the prince rose up, supporting  his weight on his elbow ; she gave him a second bitr, and he sat up in bed ; shagave him a third bite and he got up and sat by the fire.

  When the King and others came into the room they found the prince and Kate's  cracking nuts and eating them together.

  The prince looked as well as could bed and soon they were married.

  Meanwhile, the King's other son married the queen's daughters

  They all lived in happiness, and were never again troubled by royal jealousy.

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