Why the Manx Cat has No Tail (1) [Manx Cat]

Why the Manx Cat has No Tail (1)

  In ancient times Noah was collecting together two of every animal to put in his ark.

  The she-cat would not go in before she had caught a mouse. She thought there might be no mice where she was going, and she was mad for metal

  So while all other animals were lining up two by two, she was nowhere to be seen.

  " Well, " said Noah.
 " There will be no she-cat, and that is all there is to it."


Why the Manx Cat has No Tail (2 完) [Manx Cat]

  As Noah began to close the door, up ran the she-cat.

  With a great leap she squeezed through, but the closing door sliced her tail clean off.

  No one bothered to mend the tail, so to this day, the cat of Man go tail-less.

  But the she-cat thought it was well worth it for the mouse.

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