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Fairy Little People (1) [Fairy Little People]

Fairy Little People (1)

  A man was cutting free on Trendreen Hill when he saw one of the little people stretched out, fast asleep, on the heath.

  The man took off the thick cuff that he wore for his works crept up, and popped the little man into the cuff.

  He carried him home with care, and put him on to the hearth stones

  Whe he awoke, the fairy looked quite at home and soon began to enjoy himself playing with  the children.

  They called him Bob of the heath.


Fairy Little People (2) [Fairy Little People]

Fairy Little People (2)

  Bob told the man that he would show him where to find crocks of gold hidden on the hillside.

  Days later, the neighbors worked to harvest the furze, and then came to the man's house to celebrate with a hearty meal.

  To keep him from prying eyes, Bob was locked in the barn with the children.

  But the fairy an children were cunning, and found a way out of the barn.

  Before long they were playing hide-and-seek all around the great heap of furze in the yard.


Fairy Little People (3 完) [Fairy Little People]

Fairy Little People (3)

  As they played, they saw a tiny man and woman searching round the furze.

  " Oh my poor Skillywidden, " said the little woman.
  " Where can you be ? Will I ever set eyes on you again ? "

  Bob told the children to go back indoors.
  " My parents have come looking for me. I must go back with them.

   Then he cried, " Here I am Mommy ! "

  And before the children knew it, Bob had vanished with his parents, and they were left in the yard.

  Their father was very angry, and beat the children for escaping from the locked barn.

  After this furze-cutter sometimes went to Trendreen Hill to look for fairies and crocks of gold.

  But he was never able to find either.

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