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Jamie Freel (1) [Jamie Freel]

Jamie Freel (1)

  Jamie Freel's mother was a widow, with little spare money.

  But jamie was a very hard-working lad, so they usually had enough to eat.

  Near where Jamie and his mother lived was aa old ruined castle.

  People said this was where the little people lived.

  Jamie had seen them at Halloween when all the windows of the old ruin castle lit up, and he could hear their music inside the thick stone walls.


Jamie Freel (2) [Jamie Freel]

Jamie Freel (2)

  The more he listened to the fairy revels, the more fascinated Jamie became.

  When Halloween came round, he decided to go to the castle, peer through the window, and see what was going on.

  So Jamie called to his mother, " I'm just away up to the castle, to see what is going on there tonight. "

  " Oh Jamie ! Don't risk your skin going there, " said his mother.
  " I might lose you to the little people. "

  " Have no fear, mother, " he called out as he left.


Jamie Freel (3) [Jamie Freel]

Jamie Freel (3)

  The little people noticed him looking through the castle windows and called out his name.

  " Welcome, Jamie Freel, welcome ! We're off to Dublin tonight to steal a young lady. Will youcome with us ? "

  Jamie liked the sound of this, and was soon flying through the air at alarming speed with the fairies.

  They landed in a grand square in Dublin and before long fairies had kidnapped a young woman and carried her all the way back home.


Jamie Freel (4) [Jamie Freel]

Jamie Freel (4)

 Jamie was getting anxious for the feeling of the young lady, so when they were near home, he asked if he could have a turn to caeey the girl.

  When they arrived home he quickly put her down at his own door.

  The fairies grew spiteful.
  " Is that all the thanks we get for taking you to Dublin ? " they screeched.

  And they tried turning the girl into all sorts of different shapes ー a black dog, a bar of iron, a wool sack, but theyfailed.z

  In the end one of the little folk threw something at the girl. 

something 訂正しました。

Jamie Freel (5) [Jamie Freel]

Jamie Freel (5)

  " There's for your treachery, " screamed the fairy.
  " Now she will neither speak nor hear. "

  Then they flew off leaving Jamie and his mother staring at the poor girl.

  At first, Jamie's mother could little think how they would look after a Dublin girl who could neither speak nor hear.

  But the girl helped the widow with the cooking and housework.
  She even helped outside, feeding the pig and the fowls, while Jamie worked away mending his fishing nets.


Jamie Freel (6) [Jamie Freel]

Jamie Freel (6)

  The three settled down together, but sometimes the girl looked sad and Jamie and his mother guessed that she must be thinking of her home.

 When Halloween came again.

  Jamie decided he would go and see the fairies once more.

  He crept up to a window, taking care not to be seen this time.


Jamie Freel (7) [Jamie Freel]

Jamie Freel (7)

  Soon he heard the fairies talking about what had happened a year before.

  The fairy who had made the girl deaf and dumb said : " Little does Jamie Freel know that a few drops of this liquid  would cure her. " 

  Jamie burst into the castle and stole the liquid whiletha little people were welcoming him.

  Then he ran home and gave the girl the liquid before anyone could stop him.


Jamie Freel (8) [Jamie Freel]

Jamie Freel (8)

  Jamie and the girl decided that now she could talk again, they would go to Dublin to find her parents.

  But when they knocked at the door, no one ewcognized her.

  Her parents insisted that their only daughter had been buried over a year ago.

  She showed them her ring but they accused her of being stealing the ring and pretending to be their daughter.


Jamie Freel (9 完) [Jamie Freel]

Jamie Freel (9)

  Jamie and the girl realized they would have to tell the people the story of the fairies.

  Then the old man and woman saw that they ahd been deceived and that this indeed was their daughter.

  They showered the girl and Jamiw with kisses.

  When the time came for Jamie to return home, the girl wanted to go too, for the pair had become inseparable.

  The girl's parents realized that the two should be married, and sent for Jamie's mother to come to Dublin for the grand ceremony.

  Afterwards they were all happy, and Jamie felt that all his hard work had been richly rewarded.

(9/9 完)


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