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Canobie Dick (1) [Canobie Dick]

Canobie Dick (1)

  Canobie Dick was a horse trader who was well known for getting the best deal.

  Regardless of who he dealt with, he got more than he paid for every piece of horse-flesh that passed through his hands.

  One night Dick was rising home across Bowden Moor by the EildonHills with two horses that he had not been able to sell, when he saw a figure coming towards him.


Canobie Dick (2) [Canobie Dick]

Canobie Dick (2)

  As the man got nearer, Dick saw that he was an old fellow, wearing ancient clothes.

  To Dick's surprise the old man greeted him and asked if the horses were for sale.

  They struck a deal, and the old man paid Dick a good piece in old gold coins.

  Normaly Dick would have refused these, but he knew that gold was valuable in any form, so he took the payment readily.

  A few times more Dick met the man and sold him horses, the old man always asking that Dick come at night tomake the sale.


Canobie Dick (3) [Canobie Dick]

Canobie Dick (3)

  When this had happened several times, Dick decided that he should get to know this customer better.

  He said to the man, " A bargain is luckier when struck with a glass in hand. "

  So the old man invited Dick to his home, but warmed him, " Don't be afraid at what you see in my dwelling-place, for if you do you'll be sorry for the rest of your life. "


Canobie Dick (4) [Canobie Dick]

Canobie Dick (4)

  They went on a narrow path up the hills and came to a rocky outcrop.

  The old man suddenly passed through a passage into the hillside which Dick had never noticed before.

  " You are sure you are not afraid ? " asked the old man.
  " It is not too late to turn back if you've changed your mind. "

  Dick shook his head ー he did not wish to seem frightened.

  Flaming torches lit the passage, and Dick saw a long row of stables, each with a black horse.

  Next to each horse lay a knight in black armor.


Canobie Dick (5) [Canobie Dick]

Canobie Dick (5)

  On an old table was a horn and sword.

  " The man that blows this horn and draws this sword shall become  King of the whole of Britain, "  said the old man.

  Dick wasfacinated.
  He lifted the sword briefly, but put it down again.

  When he thought of the knights and the horses, he thought that drawing the sword might bring alive all these terrors.

  So he raised the horn to his lips and got ready tolow.



Canobie Dick (6) [Canobie Dick]

Canobie Dick (6)

  Dick was so frightened  that all he could produce was a feeble note.

  But this was enough to rouse  tha nights.

  Thunder echoed in the hall, the horses began to neigh and stamp their hooves, tossing their heads in excitement.

  To the horse dealer it looked as if the army coming to life around him was about to attack.


Canobie Dick (7 完) [Canobie Dick]

Canobie Dick (7)

  Trembling, he dropped the horn, and grabbed the great sword on the table.

  As he did so, a mighty voice spoke from among the knights :
    The coward shall rue the day he was born
    Who lay down the sword and blew on the horn

  Dick was picked up by a whirlwind that cast him out onto hillside.

  There he lay unconscious until a group of shepherds found him in the morning.

  Dick told the shepherds his tale, but died soon afterwards.

  And no one found the passage into the hillside again.

(7/7 完)


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