The Merchant of Venice (17) [The Merchant of Venice]

The Merchant of Venice (17)

  Shylock pretended to be surprised.
  " Antonio, I want to be your friend. I want to forget all the bad things you said to me. I won't make you pay interest for the money I lend you. "

  Bassanio thought this was kind.

  " Come with me to the judge, " said Shylock, " so  that he can write the contract. I will lend you thirty thousand decatoes for three months. You will pay no interest. just for fun, however, let's agree that if you do not pay me on time, you will give me one pound of your fresh from wherever I choose to take it. "

  Antonio agreed.
  He even told Bassanio that he thought Shylock was kind because he was not making them pay interest, but Bassanio didi not agree.
  " I won't let you do that for me, " he insisted.
  " The risk is too big. I would rather stay poor and in dept. "


The Merchant of Venice(16) [The Merchant of Venice]

The Merchant of Venice (16)

  " Now, you need myhelp, and you come to me and ask for money. I should tell you that a dog has no money. How can a dog lend you thirty thousand decatoes ? Or should I say thank you for spitting on my clothes ? Should I say that because of the these kind acts I will be pleased to lend you thirty  thousand decatoes ? 

  " If you lend us this money , " pleaded Antonio, " I will not call you names or spit on your clothes again. I am not asking you to lend us the money as if we were your friends. Lend it to us  as if we were enemies. Then, if we cannnot pay it back in time, you will feel better about making us pay the penalty. "


The Merchant of Venice (15) [The Merchant of Venice]

The Merchant of Venice (15)

  When he saw him, he remembered how much he hated him.
  However, he did not show his hatred.
  He tried to be friendly.
  "It's thirty thousand ducatoes for three months, isn't it ? " he asked.

   Antonio and Bassanio agreed.

  " What interest willl you pay ? " he asked.

  Before long, Antonio and Shylock were arguing about interest.

  Antonio called Shylock some bad names.
  " He looks like a good apple, " he told Bassanio, " but inside he is rotten. "

  Bassanio was worries. Perhaps Shylock would not lend him the money, so he spoke to Antonio. Antonio was sorry.

  " Will you still lend us the money ? " Antonio asked Shylock.

  " Why should I ? " asked Shylock. 
  " You often say bad things about me for the way Ilend money. I never argue with you about it because I am a man who does not get angry quickly. YOu call me names. You call me a dog You spit on my clothes. "


The Merchant of Venice (14) [The Merchant of Venice]

The Merchant of Venice (14)

  When Antonio told Bassanio to go to twon and borrow money, Bassanio visited Shylock, He asked shylock to lend him thirty thousand ducatoes and said he would pay it back in three months.

  " How do I know ou can pay it back ? " asked Shylock.

   Bassani smiled, " My friend Antonio will help me. If I do not pay you in three months, He will do it for me. "

  Now it was Dhylock's turn to smile. Perhaps this wouldbe a chance for him to hurt his enemy in some way.
  " I understand that Antonio has some ships in different parts of the world," he said, " and that when they come back, he will have plenty of money. However, there are many risks in his business. There are pirates, and there are storms, and everything could be lost. But I am not worried about him because I know That Antonio is a good man.Thirty thousand ducatoes is a lot of money, but I believe he will help you. "

Shylock went to visit Antonio.