The Merchant of Venice (3) [The Merchant of Venice]

The Merchant of Venice (3)

  They tried to imagine what it would be like if they had that much money and took such big risks.
  They thought about storms and pirates. They thought about losing all that money.

  One of his friends, Salerio, said, " You are sad because you are rich. You have too much to worry about with all your ships on the oceans around the world. "

  Another friend, Solanio, agreed, " If they were my ships, and my money, " he said, " I would always be thinking about what could go wrong. That would make me sad. "

  " Yes, " agreed Salerio, " if I blew on my tea to mak e it cool, I would think of the wind at sea and the storms that could sink my ships. If I looked at the sand in the hour glass, I would think of all the sand that my ships could run into. Even my house would make me worried because it is made of big stones.THis would make me think about the rocks my ships could hit. Everything I saw would make me worry about my ships and my cargoes. I am certain that this is what makes you sad, Antonio. "


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