PERRI (by disney) (1) [PERRI]

PERRI (by disney)  (1)

Once upon a springtime, deep in tha forest, a little squirrel was born.

The mother  named her little squirrel. Perri.

Perri's home was in the hollow of an ork tree whose top had long ago been torn away in a storm.

The nest was softly lined with grass and it was warm and dark.

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The baby squirrel enjoyed the warmth,as she lay cuddled beside her brothers.

At first, Perri did not even know that it was dark.
Like many other new-born creatures, she could not see.

Then one day, when her mother had gone from the nest for food, Perri opened her eyes.
She could see !

Through a small window in back of the nest, sunlight appeared.

Perri crawled over to the window and looked out for the first time on a bright world.

She saw the earth and trees and a bkue sky.
She saw her mother picking brown seeds from a pine cone.
She saw her father watching, sharp-eyed, from his nest in a pine.

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PERRI (by disney) (2) [PERRI]

PERRI (by disney)  (2)

Then suddenly, across the earth, a shadow fellーthe long, slinky shadow of the marten.

The marten was not so large and fierce an animal as other enemies of the squirrel.

But he was more dangerous, because he could climb a tre as well as squirrel.

"Save the babies ! Quick ! " warned Perri's father, as the mother leape for the hollow tree.

" I'll head the feliow off ! "

The father squirrel was quick, but he was not quick enough.
The marten pounced...

"How brave your father was ! " Perri's mother mourned.
" He saved us this time, but the merten will be back. We must leave.”

One by one, she carried her children to the nest tha father had left in the high branch of the pine tree.

Perri was the last of the baby squirrels to be moved.

”Let me climb to the nest by myself ! " she begged her mother.

”Nonsense ! " her mother scolded gently.

”A little thing like you ! Don't think you are grown up because you've opened your eyes on the world.

”It's a very lovely world, " Perri said, staring around her.

”It is、”the mother said、”Yes, it is a lovely world, but not an easy one. We will never see your father again. "


PERRI (disney) (3) [PERRI]

PERRI (disney)  (3)

Perri had many neighbors in the pine tree nest.

At the tip of branch, a humming bird's family raised hungry beaks for the seeds their mother brought.

In a nearby ork, a raccoon was coaxing her brood down to the grand.
And not far away, some young skunks were taking their first wobby steps.

" It's time you children learned to get about, " Perri's mother announced.

How far away the ground looked when Perri made her first jouney to the tip of the limb !

But in a week she could run along the branch from her home to the humming bird's nest.

She could hang by her tail, too.

Still her mother said she was not old enough or strong enough to venture down to the ground and out into the world.


PERRI (disney) (4) [PERRI]

PERRI (disney) (4)

One evning, the frisky little adventurer pranced out to the hummingbird's nest and peered inside.

Perri meant no harm to the hummingbird, but the mother bird darted forward on whirring wings.

Perri felt herself falling.

Down, down, down she fell to the soft spongy earth.

" So this is what falling feels like, " Perri said, not at all alarmed.

" I'll just explore a bit before I climb back to the nest. "

She frisked and danced along the warm earth, until she came to the bank of a swift stream.

Perri had heard of this creek, where all the grown-up came to drink.

I think I will have a sip of cool water myself, " said Perri.

Just then a woodpecker called a sharp warning:"
The merten !"

Perri started for a tree, but the merten was close on her tail.
What should she do ?

" Jump in the creek, you silly little squirrel, " cawed a blue jay.
" You can swim if you try. Mertens can't ! "


PERRI (disney) (5) [PERRI]

PERRI (disney)  (5)

Perri plunged boldly into the swift water.

The marten stood on the bank and watched her swim.

How furious he was when he saw her reach the opposite bank !

Perri was safe, but wet and forlorn.

She longed to go home, but not anything in the world would she risk the journey alone.

She was wondering what to do when a warning squirrel bark came to her ears.

Close by, his great paw lifted to pounce, was a giant creature, more terrible than a marten.

Perri leaped up a tree and sat trembling on a slippy banch.

PERRI (disney) (6) [PERRI]

PERRI (disney) (6)

" I'll give that wildcat a chase , " a voice said, as a young boy squirrel swung down by his tail.

" Watch me. I'm Porro ! "

Perri was too frightened to watch.
She closed her eyes, shivering, until she heard the hungry wildcat slink off.

" He's gone, " Porro called.
" Come down and we'll have a feast. "

Proudly, he led the way to a hollow log half burried in pine needles.
He showed Perri his store of pine cones and seeds.

" Is this where you and your family live ? " Perri asked in surprise.
After all, the proper place for a home was in a tree.

" Don't have a family. Can't be bothered with a nest, " Porro answered.
" At night I just sleep on a branch of my pine tree."

" Everybody has to have a home, " perri said.
" I intend to build one at once."

But finding a place for a home was not easy.


PERRI (disney) (7) [PERRI]

PERRI (disney)  (7)

Perri discovered a hole in nearby tree, but when she looked, an old bearded flying squirrel drove her away with a flick of his tail.

She found a lovely rotted stump, but a family of woodpeckers lived inside.

At last she found a hole in an aspen tree.

She lined it neatly with grass and leaves, then popped her head out and looked around.

Darkness was creeping over the forest.

But Perri was safe.
She curled up inside her new nest and went to sleep.

The heat of summer covered the forest before Porro decided to build a nest for himself.

He threw a few twigs and bits of bark together and invited Perri and their bird   neighbors to see his fone new home.

The jay looked at it and screeched:
" Haw, haw ! Even the magpie builds a better than that ! "

Porro paid no attention to the blue jay.
Up the tree he went, and into the nest.

Then he fell through the bottom and tumbled back down to the ground.


PERRI (disney) (8) [PERRI]

PERRI (disney) (8)

Even after the nest was mended, Porro was too venturesome to stay in it.

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On a midsummer's eve, when the moon was high, Perri looked out from her nest to see an owl perched on a limb.

He was eyeing Porro, who had decided just then to get a drink of water.

" Danger ! " Perri called.

The owl swooped down, and Porro barely had time to escape into his hollow log.
There he stayed, until the owl flew away.

Perri and Porro frolicked and played together through the long summer days.

Tey stored acorns and fresh pine cones in the hollow log, without exactly knowing why.

The flying squirrel was hoarding, too; and grumpy old Scarface, the black squirrel.

The birds began to talk of making journeys.

Perri and Porro hardly listened.

They danced about through the red and gold autumn leaves, their little jaws bulging with nuts to store in the hollow log.


PERRI (disney) (9) [PERRI]

PERRI (disney) (9)

Suddenly, one evening, Perri was startled by a loud noise she had never heard before.

Porro was leaning against an ork, jusu as surprised a d frightened as she was.

"Did you hear that Perri ? I wonder what it could be, " said Porro.

Then they heard the noise again.

The jays and crowsーthe only birds left in the forestーflutered and screamed.

A light flashed, followed by a louder noise than before.

Perro dashed for his hollow log and Perri scrambled after him.

There was another peal of thunder, and Perri saw her tree house bright with flame.

The fire spread, and all the animal began to running from the smoke  and flame.

Smoke tickled Perri's nose, and she and Porro followed the other animals to the creek.

They plunged into the water and swam to a log.

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A weasel and a racoon were clinging to the log.
The wildcat floated by.
They paid no attention to the squirrels.

Enemies and friends huddled together against the enemy of them allーfire.


PERRI (disney) (11) [PERRI]

PERRI (disney)  (11)

But as the short day ended and the shadows of nght came, Perri saw a fightening thing.

The marten stood on the opposite bank, eyeing her hungrily.

" Danger ! Denger ! "Porro called.

Perri was too terrified to move.

The marten began to cross the bridge the beavers hadbuild.

Carefully he moved, putting down first one paw and the another.

Soon he would reach the opposite bank.

Suddenly the beaver dived underneath the dam.

The twigs and branches heaved and swayed, and the marten tumbled into the swift current of the stream.

Perri found her voice again.

" He can't swim ! Martens can't swim ! He will down ! " she cried, and leaped into the tree beside Porro.

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The squirrels raced from treetop to treetop, feeling the joy of being safe.

But their delight lasted only a few days.


PERRI (disney) (12) [PERRI]

PERRI (disney)  (12)

One morning, Perri woke to see fat, white flakes falling softy in front of her door.

The whole forest was white, piled high with snow.

The only creatures she could see stirring were the rabbits and the deer.

" Will the world stay like this ? " Perri wondered, as she sat there shivering.

She called Porro, but he did not answer.

She was too sleepy to go down and find him.

"Later, " she said to herself.
" Now, I'll just take a little nap. "

And she rolled up in her tail and slept.

Through the long winter, Perri slept, or woke drowsily to eat and sleep again.

Sometimes she dreamed that she was frisking in the trees with, her friend, Porro.

Porro was asleep, too, in his hollow logーand so were the raccoons an d skunks and badgers.

All winter these animal slept, while the other animals, the rabbits and the deer ran softly over the silent snow. 



PERRI  (13)

There came a day when the sound of bird song filed the forest.

Perri opened her eyes and stretched.

As she heard the song, she yawned, and looked out at the world.

The snow was almost gone, and here and there litte green things were sprouting.

The sun was warm.
It was spring.

She heard a call.
Porro's voice !

There he was, hanging by his tail from the limb of his pine tree.

With a leap and a bound, Perri was in the treetop.

Porro raced after her.

From branch to branch, from tree to tree, she darted to the edge of the creek.

Across the water, all green and gold in the spring sunlight, was home of her childhood.

She danced across the beaver's bridge, running straight to the tree where she was born.

Her family was no longer there, but it did not seem to matter.

Perri was grown up now, and Porro was with her.


PERRI (disney) (14 完) [PERRI]

PERRI (disney)  (14 完)

They found a store of nuts which Perri's mother had left behind in her nest,  and they both ate hungrily.

" We must get busy at once and build a nest,  Perri said.

" Whatever for ? " Porro said.

" Whatever for ? " Perri scolded happily.
" For babies, of course ! I shall take this hollow tree. I 'll line it with grass and leaves. "

Porro folded his pawa across his chest.
" Build away, Perri, " he said.
" I'll keep intruders away from the nest. "

He looked around at the greening earth.
" It's a lovely world,  " Porro said.

" Yes, it's a lovely world, but not an easy one, " Perri answered, just as her mother had, a whole long year ago. 

(14/14 完)