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The Clever Rabbit (1) [The Clever Rabbit]

The Clever Rabbit (1)

Once upon a time, there lived many elephants in a forest.

There were many ponds and lakes in the forest.

The elephants enjoyed bathing in the water.
They would often fill their trunks with water and splash it on one another playfully.

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But soon their fun and frolic came to an end.

The forest was affected by a severe drought.

In summer, the water in the ponds and lakes began to dry up.
And soon there was no water left in them.

How can the elephants live without water ?

So all the elephants left the forest.
The elephant king said, " Wewill go to a forest where the ponds and lakes are full of water. Lte us walk quickly in search of such a forest. "

The herd of elephants went around in search of water.


The Clever Rabbit (2) [The Clever Rabbit]

The Clever Rabbit (2)

After a long and tiring search, they saw a pond in front of them.

The crystal clear water sparkled in the bright sun.

The cool breeze created ripples in the otherwise calm waters of the pond.

The elephants were thrilled !
Their joy knew no bounds.

They raised their trunks, trumpeted loudly, and ran towards the pond.


One by one, they jumped into the pond to bathe

After enjoying themselves in the cool water, the elephants came out of the pond.

On the banks of pond, there lived many rabbits.
Their soft fur was as white as milk and they had little red eyes andlong ears.

As the elephants ran wildly about the pond, the rabbits ran helter-skelter to save their lives.

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Yet many of them were trampled under the elephants's feet.
Some of rabbit, however managed to escape with minor bruises.

The elephants had struck terror among the rabbits.


The Clever Rabbit (3) [The Clever Rabbit]

The Clever Rabbit (3)

One of the rabbit said, " The elephants will never leaves this beautiful pond. I am afraid many of us will be trampled under their feet every day. And soon all of us will be dastroyed."

All the rabbits got together to think of solution to this problem.

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A timid little rabbit said, " Let us leave this place and go elsewhere. "

Many rabbits agreed with him.

But some of them refused to leave the place.
" We have been livig here for along time, " said a rabbit.
" We should not abandon our homes like cowards. Let us face the challenge bravely together. "

An old rabbit said, " We should instil fear in the minds of the elephants. If we can think of a plan to terrrorize them, they will leave this place immediately. "

" How can we terrorize these huge animals ? " wondered a rabiit.

The old rabbit said, " We can do it with the help of the moon. "


The Clever Rabbit (4) [The Clever Rabbit]

The Clever Rabbit (4)

" But how will you bring the moon to the earth ? " asked another rabbit.

" No, " said the old rabbit, " I do not need the moon on the earth. We will only use her name. "

The old rabbit then explained his plan to the other rabbits.

A rabbit named Lambakarna was made the messenger of the moon and was sent to sit on the top of a big boulder.

It was a full moon night.
The beautiful moon shone brightly in the sky.

Lambakarna sat on top of the boulder and waited for the elephants to come to the pond.

Just then the herd of elephants, led by the Elephant King, arrived there.

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The Clever Rabbit (5) [The Clever Rabbit]

The Clever Rabbit (5)

Lambakarna said loudly, " Salutations, O Elephant King ! "

The Elephant King looked around, but he could not see anyone.

Suddenly he spotted a lovely rabbit  sitting on a boulder.

" What is the matter ? " asked the Elephant King.
" Why are you calling out to me ? "

The rabbit said, " O Elephant King, I am the messenger of the Moon. She has sent me here to tell you that she is very angry with all of you. "

" The Moon is angry with us ! " said the Elephant King, looking surprised.
" What have we done ? "

" What have you done ? " said the rabbit, trying to show off his status.
" you ask me what you have done !
In fact, you have committed a sin.
Yesterday afternoon, you bathed in this pond on the banks of which live the rabbits so dear to the moon.
And you trampled some of them under your feet !
This pond is the Moon's gift to the rabbits.
No one has the right to come here. "


The Clever rabbit (6) [The Clever Rabbit]

The Clever Rabbit (6)

" I don't believe you, " said the Elephant King, somewhat stunned.

" In that case, " said the rabbit , " follow me to the banks of the pond.
I will show you how angry the Moon is. "

The rabiit and the Elephant King reached the banks of the pond.

The other elephants also followed them.

Hearing the heavy footsteps of the elephants, the frogs siting on the banks of pond were so scared that, one by one, they quickly jumped into the pond.


Ripples were created in the still waters of the pond.

The rellection of the moon in the water also shook.



The Clever rabbit (7 完) [The Clever Rabbit]

The Clever rabbit (7 完)

Pointing towards the shaking reflection of the moon in the water, the rabbit said, " O Elephant King, doyou see that ? The Moon is so angry that she is trembling with rage. The only way to appease her is to fall at her feet and apologize for your sins. "

The Elephant King bowed low and apologized to the Moon.


As soon as the water became calm again, the reflection of the moon also stopped shaking.

The rabbit said, "Look, the Moon has become calm now. But if she lose her temper again, you will not be apared. Therefore, I advise all of you to leave this place immediately. "

The Elaphant King once again, bowed to the Moon and left the pond along with his herd.

All the rabbits were jubilant.

They jumped and danced merrily in the beautiful moonlight.

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