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101 Dalmatians (1) [101 Dalmatians]

101 Dalmatians (1)

Pongo the Dalmatian lived with a young human called Roger Radcliff.

They lived together in a little flat which was always untidy.

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Then one day Roger got married.

His new wife was a called Anitaーand she had a beautiful lady Dalmatian called Perdita.

Pongo was so pleased !

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日本では「101匹ワンちゃん」ですが、ワンちゃんがダルメシアンなので、元題は、101 Dalmatian です。

101 Dalmatians (2) [101 Dalmatians]

101 Dalmatians (2)

Everything went well until a friend of Anita's called Cruella De vil came to visit them.

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Roger didn't like her, and she frightened Perdita and Pongo.

When it was time to leave, Cruella looked at the dogs and said, " Aren't their coats beautiful !  Do Dalmatians have lots of puppies ?  When are they expected ? "

" She'll have six or seven, " said Anita, " in three weeks' time. "

" Don't forget to let me know, " said Cruella, driving off with a naughy smile.

when at last Perdita's puppies were born, there weren't just six or seven.
There were FIFTEEN babies.

The humans, including Nanny the maid who looked after them, were delighted.

And as soon as they were all born. Cruella turned up again.

" Fifteen ! " she said, pleased.
" I'll buy all of them. "

" Oh no, you won't, " said Roger, looking her straight in the eye.
" We' re not selling a single one. "

Cruella was furious.
She slammed the door as she left.


101 Dalmatians (3) [101 Dalmatians]

101 Dalmatians (3)

Pongo and Perdita were overjoyed that all the puppies were going to be kept.

But they wouldn't have been nearly so happy if they could have seen Cruella at that moment.

She was talking to Horace and Jasper Bardun, who were very nasty crooks indeed.

They were planning to dognap all those puppes !

One night soon after this, the two Baduns sat in thier truck near the Roger's house.

They were waiting for Roger and Anita to take Perdita and Pongo for their walk.

When the four came out, the two Barduns hurried over to the house.

Nanny the maid tried to stop them, but they forced their way in.


101 Dalmatians (4) [101 Dalmatians]

101 Dalmatians (4)

They picked up all the puppies, and minutes later the truck was on its way.


Next day the story was in every newspeper.

There were pictures of Perdita and Pongo, and Anita and Roger.

The police got busy and there were even Scitland Yard detectives hunting for the puppies.

But days went by, and no one found them.

At last Pongo said to Perdita. " It's no good. The humans aren't getting anywhere. We'll have to find the puppies ourselves. "

" How can we do that ? " asked Perdita, weeping.
" We don't even know where the start. "

" We'll try the Twilight Bark, " said Pongo.
" It's the quickest way to send and get news. "


101 Dalmatians (5) [101 Dalmatians]

101 Dalmatians (5)

by the time the two dalmatians were taken for their walk that day, It was almost dark.

When they got to the top of Primrose Hill, Pongo barked the alertーthree loud barks and a howl,

They waited a momonet, then an answering bark was heard.

" It's the Great Dane over at Hampstead ! " said Pong, and he barked out his message,

Danny the Great Dane was very surprised at the message

" Fifteen puppies have been stolen ! " he told a terrier friend.

"They're Dalmatians.  The human haven't been able to find them, so it's up to us to send out an all-dog alert with the Twilight Bark, "

And his big voice began to send all over London.

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101 Dalmatians (6) [101 Dalmatians]

101 Dalmatians (6)

Two mongrels heard the alert.

One said, " I bet those puppies are a long way away by now. I think we should let the rest of the country know. "

" Good thinking ! " said his friend.
" I'll go to tha railway station and  pass the word. You go down and tell the river dogs. "

Within hour, word had spread north, south, east and westーall over England.

It wasn't long before the barkingwas heard by an old army horse called Captain.

" Sounds like an alert ! " he said to the cat who was lying on his back.

" Surgeant Tibs, get Colonel at once. "

Colonel was a gruff old sheepdog, and he was sleeping in the hayloft.

When he had listened to the barking, he told the others aboyt the message.
Firteen stolen puppies !

" That's funny, " said Sergeant Tibs.

" I heard puppies barkingover at the old De Vil house last night. "

" No one lives there now, " said Colonel.

"  Let's go and see. "


101 Dalmatians (7) [101 Dalmatians]

101 Dalmatians (7)

The three of them went quietly up to a broken window and peered through.

The first thing they saw was a televition set.

Two croocksーthe Barunーwere watching it.

And all round the room there were puppies.

Not fifteenーnor even fiftyーbut ninety nine of them !

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From dog to dog, all the way back to London, went the news that the puppies had been found.

At last it reached Dan, the Great Dane at Hampstead.

From him it went straight to Pongo and Perdita, and they wasted no time.

They set off, going as fast as they could.


101 Dalmatians (8) [101 Dalmatians]

101 Dalmatians (8)

Meanwhile, Sergeant Tibs was keeping watch on De Vil house.

He saw Cruella drive up to the door, and he went to the window to hear what was happening.

She was saying to the Baduns, " I want the skins of all those puppiesfor fur coats.

Just see that they're ready in the morning. "

And with that, she slammed the door and was gone.

Tibs was so horrified that he sat and trembled for a whole minute.

Fur coats from puppy skins !
What a truly horrible thought !

There wasn't a moment to lose.
The Barduns were watching televition again.

Tibs crept through theboken window and whispered to the nearest puppy, " Tell everyone they must escape ! Cruella is after your hides ! "

One by one puppies crawled quickly out of the room.

Then Tibs took them upstairs to hide under a bed.



101 Dalmatians (9) [101 Dalmatians]

101 Dalmatians (9)

At that moment Colonel, the old sheepdog, heard Pongo barking at the nearby crossroads.

He barked back, telling the Dalmatian how to get to the De Vil house.

But now the barduns had discovered that the puppies had gone.

They were hunting for them.

So when the two Dalmatians arrived minutes later, they found the puppies backed into a corner of the bedroom.

Tibs was in front trying desperately to protect them from the Barduns.

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Pongo and Perdita bounced into action .

Pongo went for Jasper Bardun, and Perdita pulled the rug from under Horace.

Under cover of the fight, Tibs led the puppies outof the house and along to the stable.


101 Dalmatians (10) [101 Dalmatians]

101 Dalmatians (10)

When they had finished with the Badun, pongo and Perdita dashed after the puppies.

" Are all fifteen here ? " asked Perdita anxiously.

It was the old horse, Captain, who answered.

"Fifteen and a few more, " he said.

" There are ninety nine. "

" Ninety nine ! " said Pongo, astonished.

" Whatever did Cruella want with ninety nine puppies ? "

There was a silence for a moment, then a puppy said, " she was going to make fur coats out of us."

Perdita and Pongo looked at each other.
They had never dreamed of anything so evil.


101 Dalmatians (11) [101 Dalmatians]

101 Dalmatians (11)

" We'll just have to take them back to London, " said Perdita.

" Roger and Anita won't turn them out. "

As  they set out across the snowon their way back to London, Perdita was worried again.

There were so many puppies that their pawprints could be seen very easily.

And they were !

Cruella in her car, and Baduns in their truck, were soon after them.

Only one thing would help: disguise.

The puppies all rolled in some soot until they looked like black Labradors, then they climbed into a van which was going straight to London.

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Then some real luck came along.

The Badun's truck cashed into Cruella's carーand they were both out of action !


101 Dalmatians (12 完) [101 Dalmatians]

101 Dalmatians (12 完)

Home at last, and Anita, Roger and Nanny started to clean off the soot.


Then Nanny said, "Have you noticed that there seem to be a lot more of them ?"

Roger started to count.
" Fourteen under the Cristmas treeーsixty twoーninety fourーand five over there makes ninety nine.
That's a hundred and one Dalmatians counting Perdita and Pongo ! "

" Whatever are we going to do with them all ? " asked Anita.

" Do ? " said Roger.
" Why, we'll keep them all, of course ! "

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