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The Snow Queen (1) [The Snow Queen]

The Snow Queen (1)

There was once a wicked troll, a very wicked troll, the wickedest of trolls, who made a magic mirror.

Everything good and beautiful reflected in the mirror shrank to to nothing, and everything ugly and useless looked much worse and much bigger. 

Kind people's faces looked foolish and warped, and good thoughts always make them look even worse.

The other trolls carried the mirror from country to country to mock at everything there, and at last they carried it up to the sky.

BUt the higher they they went the more the magic mirror grinned, until they dropped it.

The mirror broke into millions an dbillions of pieces.

Some as small as a grain of sand, and these flew about in the air and got into people's eyes so that they saw only the evil in the world.

If a piece of mirror got into someone's heart, the heart turned to ice.

If a piece of mirror was made into spectacles, the person was never able to see properly and judge things well.


The Snow Queen (2) [The Snow Queen]

The Snow Queen (2)

The evil troll laughed at all this, but there were still plenty of piece of the broken mirror flying about in the air.

In the middle of the great city, where there are so many houses and people that there is no room for each person to have his own little garden.

And where most people must therefore be contented with flower pots, there were two poor children who nevertheless did have a garden somewhat bigger than a flower pot.

Gerda and kay were neighbours who loved each other like brother and sister.

They lived up in the garrets of two adjoining roofs, with the gutter running between them, and facing each other, so that one only had to step over the gutter to get from one window to the other.


The Snow Queen (3) [The Snow Queen]

The Snow Queen (3)

The two families each had a big wooden box outside, where they grew pot herbs as well as a little rose bush.

The two rose bushes sent out long shoots that climbed up the windows and bent towards each other.

The children were often allowed to step out and sit on their small stools under the roses, and there they enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

In the winter, though, the windows were shut and frozen over, and the children had to climb the stairs down and up again to visit one another.

When the snow fell, Kay's grandmother told him that the white bees were swarming, and in their midst the Snow Queen who never rests on ground but always flies up in a black cloud.


The Snow Queen (4) [The Snow Queen]

The Snow Queen (4)

Could the Snow Queen come in here ? " asked Gerda.

" If she comes in, " said Kay, " I will put her on the stove and she will melt. "

That night, Kay looked out through a little hole that he had melted in the ice covering the window, and outside he saw a snowflake falling.

It grew and grew outside the window until it turned into a beautiful woman totally made of ice, gleamingand glittering, and her eyes shining like stars.

There was no peace or rest in those eyes, and she beckoned to Kay to open the window.

He jumped down from his chair in fear, and a shadow passed over the window like a big bird flying past.

Spring finally came, and then summer; the two rose bushes bloomed better than ever that summer.


The Snow Queen (5) [The Snow Queen]

The Snow Queen (5)

One sunny day Gerda and Kay were looking at a picture-book together when all of a sudden Kay cried out, " Something is hurting in my heart ! And something is in my eye ! "

Gerda looked into his eye but she could see nothing there.

" I think it is gone, " he said, but it was still there.

It was a piece of the broken mirror, that magic mirror that everything good seem worthless and mean, and everything worthless and mean seem even worse.

Kay had a splinter of the mirror in his heart too, that would turn it to ice.

Even though the pain went away, the mirror worked its magic inside him.

" Why are you crying, Gerda ? " he said.
" You look so ugly when you cry! There is nothing wrong with me. "

He said that the picture-book was only for babies and when his grandmother was telling them stories he stood behind her and made face.


The Snow Queen (6) [The Snow Queen]

The Snow Queen (6)

He started to imitate everyone in the street and to mock at them cruelly.

Theneighbors thought he was clever, but it was all the glass splinter's doing.

It was the splinter of glass that made him spiteful to poor Gerda all the time, even though she loved him dearly.

When the snowflakes fell kay looked at them with a magnifying glass and told Gerda that they were much more beautiful than flowers.

" For flowers are not perfect, and snowflakes are so well made ! "

Then he took his sled and went off to play with the other boys and left poor Gerda behind.


The Snow Queen (7) [The Snow Queen]

The Snow Queen (7)

The boldest boys would tie their sleds to the famer's carts to get pulled along.

In the middle of their game, someone covered in white furs came along driving a large sled.

Kay tiedhis sled to it and was pulled along the streets a couple of times, but then the sledge drove off, faster and faster.

Every time Kay began to untie his little sled, the driver turned and nodded to him in a friendly way as if telling him to stay.

They drove out of town, and the snow began to fall so thickly that Kay could see nothing, not even his own hand.

He tried to untie his sled, but the big sled pulled it along as if by magic.

When he called out for help, no-one heard him.

The snow flakes were getting biger and biger until they looked like big white hens.

At last the big sled stopped and the driver stood up.

The white furs were all made of snow, and the driver was none other than the Snow Queen.


The Snow Queen (8) [The Snow Queen]

The Snow Queen (8)

She was tall and slemder and very white.

" No-one likes to freeze, "she said.
"Come here and creep under my bearskin. "

She put him in her sle, and covered him with the bearskin.
It felt just like lying under the snow.

" Are you still cold ? " asked the Snow Queen, and then she kissed him on the forehead.
It was a cold kiss, colder than ice, and it went to his heart, which was already half frozen.

He felt as though he was dying, just for a moment, and then the pain went away and he felt quite warm.

Then she kissed him again, and Kay forgot Gerda, and his grandmother and his home.

They drove on into the night, high in the cold sky, through storm and cloud, over sea and land.

All night, kay looked down in the moonlight, and all day he slept at the Snow Queen's feet.


The Snow Queen (9) [The Snow Queen]

The Snow Queen (9)

Gerda asked everyone where Kay had gone but no-one knew.

The boys thought he was drowned and dead, but she did not believe them.

When spring came she decided to go in search of him.

She put on her new shoes and went to ask the river if it had taken Kay away from her.

" I will give you my red shoes, " she said,  " if you will give him back to me. "

She took off her shoes and threw them into the water, but the river carried them back to her.

Gerda thought she had not thrown them far enough, and she got into a boat to reach further out over the water.

Then she threw her shoes into the river again, and as she did so the boat began to drift downstream.

Soon it was too far from land for Gerda to escape, and she was carried along for hours with her red shoes floating behind.

At last the boat passed close by a little cottage with a cherry orchard.

Out came an old woman learning on a crutch.

Then she hooked her crutch in the boat and drew it closer, and then she lifted Gerda out.

07 - 1.jpg

" Tell me who you are , and what you are doing so far away along the river, " she said, and Gerda told her everything.

" Have you seen Kay ? " she asked.

The old woman said she had not seen him, but some day he would come there.

Then she invited Gerda to come inside and eat cherries and have her hair combed.
The more the old woman combed her hair, the more Gerda forgot kay.

07 - 2.jpg


The Snow Queen (10) [The Snow Queen]

The Snow Queen (10)

The old woman was a witch, you see, and wanted Gerda to stay with her.

She made all the roses in her garden disappear under the ground so that Gerda would not see them and remember her friend Kay.

Gerda walked out into the beautiful garden to play, and then came indoors to a pretty bedroom to sleep.
And the next day she played in the garden again, and the next day, until all the summer was gone.
Gerda thought that one flower was missing from the garden, but she could never remember which one.

One day she was looking at the old woman's hat, all painted with flowers, and she saw a rose painted there, that the Witch had forgotten to cover up.

Suddenly Gerda could remember the roses at home and then she remembered Kay and wept.

When her tears fell on the ground, the roses began to grow and bloom again.


The Snow Queen (11) [The Snow Queen]

The Snow Queen (11)

" I have been here too long, " said little Gerda.
" Roses, do you know where Kay is ?  Is he dead ?"

" No, he is not dead, " replied the roses, " for we have been under the ground and Kay was not buried there. "

And none of the other flowers knew where he was.

" I must find Kay, " exclaimed Gerda, and away she ran barefoot out of the garden and into the wide world.

In the Witch's garden it was always summer, but outside it was almost winter.

" I have wasted so much time, " Gerda thought to herself.
Her bare foot hurt, and she was cold and wet, and she could find nothing good to eat, but on she went looking for Kay.


The Snow Queen (12) [The Snow Queen]

The Snow Queen (12)

First she met a crow who told her that Kay was married to a princess and living in a palace, but when Gerda went to find him it was not Kay at all.

Still, the Prince and Princess gave little Gerda a carriage and a horse and good boots and fur gloves to keep her hands warm, and on she drove to find her playmate Kay.

Then she went through a dark wood where robbers lived.

The robbers stopped the carriage and were going to kill Gerda and eat her, but a little robber girl wanted Gerda for a pet.

" She will play with me, " said the little robber girl, " and I shall have her boots and gloves and her dress to wear. No-one will kill her if I want her to live. And she will stay alive as long as I do not get angry with her."

" Are you aprincess ? " she asked Gerda.

" No, " said little Gerda, and then she told all her story, how she was looking for Kay and had been tricked by the Witch in the cherry orchard.


The Snow Queen (13) [The Snow Queen]

The Snow Queen (13)

The little robber girl showed Gerda all the animals and birds that she had trapped and kept in her cave as pets.

There was even a reindeer, who was afraid of robber girl's knife that she stroked along his neck every night.

When Gerda talked about kay the animals listened too.

Theen the wood-pigeons told Gerda that they had seen the Snow Queen in her sled with kay, travelling to Lapland in the far north.

The reindeer said that the Snow Queen's summer palace was in Laoland and her winter castle was at the North Pole, as far north as you can go.

The little robber girl decided to help Gerda escape, and she lifted her onto the reindeer's back and tied her on.

She returned Gerda's boots but kept the warm gloves.

In ther place, to keep Gerda's hands warm, she gave her  her mother's big gloves that reached up to Gerda's elbows.


The Snow Queen (14) [The Snow Queen]

The Snow Queen (14)

Then she tied onto the reindeer's back two loaves of bread and a ham, and said, " Away you go to Lapland, and take care of the little girl. "

Away the cvreindeer ran, through the forest, over the moor, north to lapland.

Gerda ate the bread and all the ham, and then they were in Lapland.

The reindeer took her to a wise woman who lived in a little hut, and asked her to help with some magic against the Snow Queen.

But the wise woman informed the reindeer that Gerda was stronger than any magic she could offer,  for she was good and innocent, so rthat human beings and animals would all help her.

All that the reindeer could do now, she said, was to take Gerda to the Snow Queen's garden, as close to her palace as he could go.

Then she lifted Gerda onto the reindeer's back again and away he ran.



The Snow Queen (15) [The Snow Queen]

The Snow Queen (15)

" Stop !  I have forgotten my boots and gloves," cried little Gerda, but it was too late.

The reindeer ran on until he reached the Snow Queen's garden and there he put Gerda on the ground, kissed her and ran back.

She was all alone in the snow and ice, with no shoes and no gloves to keep her feet and hands warm.

She ran on in the snow storm and saw that the snowflakes were getting bigger.

They were theSnow Queen's guards.

Gerda began to pray, and as she did so the mist from her breath in the cold air turned into angels, all standing around her with spears in their hands to protect her.

They touched her hands and feet and then she did not feel the cold as she walked towards the Snow Queen's palace of snow and ice.


The Snow Queen (16) [The Snow Queen]

The Snow Queen (16)

The palace was cold and empty, except for the Snow Queen sitting in the middle of a frozen lake that was all broken into pieces of ice.

And Kay trying to fit the pieces together to make words.

The lake was the mirror of reason, the Queen told him, and if he could make the word " eternity " out of the pieces of ice, he would be free and she would give him the whole world and a pair of skates.

But that was the one word Kay could never make.


The Snow Queen (17) [The Snow Queen]

The Snow Queen (17)

" I am going south to spread frost and snow, " said the Snow Queen, and off she went, leaving Kay alone beside the lake of ice, just as still and stiff as if he were frozen too.

Gerda ran into the room and over to Kay, " Kay, dear Kay ! I have found you at last ! " she said, but Kay sat still and said nothing to her.

then Gerda cried becausehe was so unkind.

Her tears felol just where his heart was, and they thawed the ice and melted the splinter of the magic mirror.

Suddenly Kay started to cry too, for now he remembered Gerda.

" Where am I ? " he asked, as he lookedaround the cold room.

" How cold and empty it all is ! "


The Snow Queen (18 完) [The Snow Queen]

The Snow Queen (18 完)

Then Gerda laughed for joy and, and so did all thye pieces of ice until they made up the word  "Eternity" ; the word that Snow Queen had promised Kay his freedom for.

When gerda kissed Kay's face and hands, he syddenly became warm again instead of cold as ice.

Outside the reinderr was waiting with another reindeer to take them home, past the wise woman's hut, past the robber's hall where the little robber girl said good-bye to them, past the Princess's palace and the cherry orchard.

At last they came to their own town, only now Kay and Gerda were grown up, and it seemed to them that the Snow Queen's palace was only a weary dream.

Kay's grandmother was waiting for them, and they sat happily together, and it was summer again.

(18/18 完)    

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