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The Milkmaid and her pail (1) [The Milkmaid]

The Milkmaid and her pail (1)

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pail(bucket の一種)

One day milkmaid was walking to market with a bucket of milk on her head.

As she walked she thought of what she would do with the money she would get for her milk.

" I shall buy some hens, " she said to herself happily, " and they will lay an egg each a day. These I will sell to the pastor's wife, and with that money I will buy myself a new dress and a new ribbon for my hair.
They shall be emerald green, for that is the colour that suits me best.
Then in my new clothes, I will go to the fair. "

Aesop's Fables イソップ物語の一編です。 

The Milkmaid and her pail (2 完) [The Milkmaid]

The Milkmaid and her pail (2 完)

At the thought of those new clothes, the milkmaid exclaimed, "I will look so pretty that all the young men will ask me to dance. But I will just toss my head at them ー like this ! "

But when she tossed her head, down fell the pail !

The milk spilled onto the ground, and with it went the milkmaid's happy daydreams.

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All she would get now was a scolding when she returned home.

And this is why we must always remember never to count out chickens until they are hatched !

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