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Rashen Coatie (2) [Rashen Coatie]

Rashen Coatie (2)

In this way, Rashen Coatie became stronger and more beautiful then ever, and the queen angrier and angrier.

When her plan failed, the queen went to talk to a witch.

The queen was given the power to look into the unknown, and she realized that it was the calf who was giving Rashen Coatie her food.

She asked her husband to have the calf killed, so that she might cook the animal for a banquet, and the king agreed.

Rashen Coatie was distressed to hear what was to happen, but the calf spoke in her ear.

" Do as I say and you need not worry, " said the calf.
" When I ma cooked and eaten, bury my bones under this stone, then leave the palace for a while, and then you will be safe. "


Rashen Coatie (3) [Rashen Coatie]

Rashen Coatie (3)

Rashen Coatie did as instructed and went into hiding.

The calf came back to life and brought her food, and so she survived.

The Queen was poisoned after eating the calf meat, and eventually died.

Rashen Coatie grew into a fine young woman and decided to return to her father's court in disguise.

But this caused confusion because her father was so taken with her beauty that he wanted to marry her.

She asked the calf what to do.

" Ask the king for clothes made of the rushes that grow by the stream, " said the calf.

A dress was made, and the king still wanted to marry Rashen Coatie.


Rashen Coatie (4) [Rashen Coatie]

Rashen Coatie (4)

" Ask the king for a dress, with the colors of all the fish of the sea, " said the calf.

But again the king produced just such a dress, and still he wanted to marry Rashen Coatie.

Finally the girl could find no more excuses, and the wedding day arrived.

When she got to church, Rashen Coatie tried one last objection.
" I must have the ring my mother wore when she was married, " she said.

Then she put on her dress of rushes, and ran away from her father's kingdom.

After long wandering, Rashen Coatie came to a prince's hunting lodge and collapsed in a deep sleep on the prince's bed.

Later, the prince himself arrived and found Rashen Coatie on his bed.

He asked her what she was doing there. 

" I am far from home, tired and lost. Is there somewhere I maight find work ? "

So the prince took Rashen Coatie home and put her to work in the palace kitchen.

明日、The woman whose foot fits this shoe shall be my bride、というシンデレラ・ライクな場面が出てきます。

Rashen Coatie (5) [Rashen Coatie]

Rashen Coatie (5)

Soon it was Christmas and all the people in the palace went to church in the morning.

Rashen Coatie was left behind to turn the roasting spits.

She wanted to go to church, and decided to use a spell to the spits would turn themselves.

Every spit turn on your way
 Until I return on this yule day.

And with that, Rashen Coatie put on her finest dress and ran off to church.

In church, the prince was entranced by the beautiful young woman who entered just as the service was beginning.
Little did he guess that it was the kitchen maid, Rashen Coatie.

The prince decided to speak her as she left the church, but she slipped back to the palace, hoping that none would know that she had left the kitchen.

But as the girl flew along, she left one of her tiny golden shoes.

The Prince said, " The woman whose foot fits this shoe shall be my bride. "


Rashen Coatie (6 完) [Rashen Coatie]

Rashen Coatie (6 完)

Hundreds of women tried the show but it fitted no-one.

The witch's daughter had pared her nails and rubbed some of skin off her heel, and she squeezed on the shoe.

True to his word the prince announced that he would marry the girl.

But a small bird fluttered over the prince's head, singing:
 Clipped the heel and pared the toe;
 In the kitchen the shoe will go.

The prince turned back and ran to the kitchen, finding Rashen Coatie, who had not tried on the shoe.

When it fitted, the prince went to church with his rightful bride.

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