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Stuck for the Story (1) [Stuck for the Story]

Stuck for the Story (1)

There was once a king of Leinster  whose pastime was listening to stories.

Before the king went to sleep he called his best storyteller to him, who told him a different story each night.

Whatever problems had troubled the king during the day were eased away by the storyteller, and the king always had a good night's sleep.

In return, the king granted his storyteller a big house and acres of land, for he thought that the storyteller was one of the most important men in his entire kingdom.

Each morning the storyteller went for a walk around his estate to think up his next story.

But one morning he could not think of a new tale.


Stuck for the Story (2) [Stuck for the Story]

Stuck for the Story (2)

He seemed to be unable to get beyond " There was once a king of Ireland  " or " In olden times there was a great king with three sons. "

His wife called the storyteller in to breakfast, but he said he would not come in until he had a story.

Then he saw an old. lame beggarman in the distance, and went up to talk to him.

" Good morning to you. Who might you be, and what are you doing here ? " asked the storyteller.

" Never mind who I am, " replied the old man.
" I was resting, for my leg is painful. would you play a game of dice with me ? "

The storyteller thought the old man would have little money to gamble with, but the beggar said he had a hundred gold pieces, and the storyteller's wife said, " Why don't you play with him ?  A story might come to you afterwards. "

And so the two men began to throw the dice.



Stuck for the Story (3) [Stuck for the Story]

Stuck for the Story (3)

Things did not go well for the storyteller.

Soon he lost all his money, but the old man still asked him to play another game.

" I have no money left, "said the storyteller.

" Then play for your chariot, horses and hounds, " said the old man.

The storyteller was unwilling to take the risk, but his wife encouraged him.

So they threw the dice, and again the storyteller lost the game.

" Will you play again, " said the old man.

"Don't make fun of me, " said the storyteller.
" I have nothing to stake. "

" Then play for your wife, " said the beggar.


Stuck for the Story (4) [Stuck for the Story]

Stuck for the Story (4)

Once again, the storyteller was unwilling, but again his wife encouraged him, so they played and the storyteller lost once more.

The stroyteller's wife went to join the beggar.

" Have you anything else to stake?" asked the old man.

The storyteller remained silent, so the old man said simply, " Stake yourself. "

Again the storyteller was the loser.
" What will you do with me ? " asked the storyteller.

" What kind of animals would you prefer to be, a fox, a deer, or  a hare ? "

The storyteller  decided that he would rather be a hare, so he would be able to run away from danger.

The old man took out a wand and turned the storyteller into a hare.


Stuck for the Story (5) [Stuck for the Story]

Stuck for the Story (5)

Then his wife called her hounds, and they chased the hare round the field, and all along the high stone wall around it.

And all the while the beggar and the storyteller's wife laughed to see the hare twist and turn to try to avoid the hounds.

The hare tried to hide behind the wife but she kicked him back into the field.

When the hounds were about to catch him the beggar waved his wand and the storyteller reappeared in the hare's place.

The beggar asked the storyteller how he liked the hunt.
The storyteller said he wished he was a hundred miles away.

Once again the beggar waved his wand, and the storyteller found himself in the castle of the lord Hugh O'Donnell.
What was more, the storyteller realize quickly that he was invisible.


Stuck for the Story (6) [Stuck for the Story]

Stuck for the Story (6)

Soon the beggar arrived at O'Donnell's castle.

" Where have you come from and what do you do ? " asked the Lord.

" I am a traveler and magician, " said the beggar and then  began playing tricks on O'Donnell's men.

" Give me six pieces of silver to show you that I can move one of my ears without the other. "

" Done, " said one of O'Donnell's men.
" You'll never do that, even great ears like yours ! "

The beggarman  then put one hand to one of his ears, and gave it a sharp pull.

O'Donnell roared with laughter, and paid the beggar six pieces of silver, but his man wasn't pleased.
" Any fool could do that, " he said.

Then the beggarman gave his own ear a mighty pull ー and off came ear and head together.

Everyone in the castle was dumbstruck.


Stuck for the Story (7) [Stuck for the Story]

Stuck for the Story (7)

The beggar said, " This is an even better trick. "
He took out a ball of silk and threw it up into the air, where it turned into a thick rope.

Then he sent a hare racing up the rope, followed by a hound to chase it.
" Who will catch the hound and stop it eating my hare ? " challenged the beggar.

Sure enough, one of O'Donnell's men ran up the rope, and everyone below waited.

When nothing had happened for a while the beggar began to wind up the rope, and sure enough, there was the man fast asleep and the hound eating the hare.

The old beggar was angry that the man failed, so he drew his sword, and beheaded both man and hound.

O'Donnell was enraged.


Stuck for the Story (8) [Stuck for the Story]

Stuck for the Story (8)

The beggar said, " Give me ten pieces of silver for each of them, and they shall be cured. "

O'Donnell paid over the silver, and the men and hound were restored to their former health.

The beggar vanished, taking the invisible storyteller with him.

The storyteller found himself back at the court of the King of Leinster, with the beggar beside him.

The king was looking for his storyteller, but instead there was the old beggar, who started to insult the royal harpers.
" Their noise is worse than a cat purring over its food, " said the beggar.

" Hang this man, " shouted the King.


Stuck for the Story (9 完) [Stuck for the Story]

Stuck for the Story (9 完)

But the beggar escaped, and they found that the king's  favorite brother was mysteriously hanged in his place.

" Get out ! " roared the king.

But before he went, the beggar made the storyteller visible again, and give him back his chariot, his horses, his hound ー and his wife.

" I had heard you were in difficulties, " he said to the storyteller.
" Now you have the stories to tell the king. "

Sure enough, the king thought the new story was the best he had ever heard.

From then on, it was the tale the king always wanted to hear, and the storyteller never had to think up a new story again.

(9/9 完) 

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