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Paddy O'kelly and the Weasel (1) [Paddy and the Weasel]

Paddy O'kelly and the Weasel (1)

There was once man called Paddy O'Kelly who lived in Country Galway.

Paddy had an old donkey to sell, so he got up early one morning for the journey to market.

He hoped one day to buy a horse, though he knew he would not get enough money for the donkey to buy a fine steed that day.

Paddy went a few miles then it started to rain and he decided to shelter in a large house.

No one was around, so he went into a room with a fire blazing in the grate.

After a while a big weasel came into the room and put something yellow on the grate ; then ran away.

Then the weasel reappeared and put another yellow object on the grate.

Paddy O'Kelly could see that they were gold coins.


Paddy O'kelly and the Weasel (2) [Paddy and the Weasel]

Paddy O'kelly and the Weasel (2)

When the weasel seemed to stop bringing the coins, Paddy got up, scooped them into his pocket, and went on his way.

But he had not gone far when the weasel appeared, screeching and jumping up at him.

She clung on until some passing men let loose their dog, which chased her away.
In the end, she disappeared down a hole in the ground.

Paddy sold his donkey, and used some of the weasel's gold coin to buy himself a fine horse.

He was returning home when the weasel popped up out of her hole and attacked the horse.
It bolted, and nearly drowned in a nearby ditch, but two men helped him pull the beast out.


Paddy O'kelly and the Weasel (3) [Paddy and the Weasel]

Paddy O'kelly and the Weasel (3)

Paddy was exhausted when he got home, so he tethered the horse in the cow shed and went straight to bed.

Next morning he saw the weasel run out of the cow shed.

Paddy feared the worst, and when he got to the shed he found not only his horse but two cows and two calves dead on the floor.

Paddy gave chase with his dog.

The weasel ran to a hovel by the side of the road, closely followed the barking dog.

When paddy opened the door an old woman sat on a chair in the corner.

" Did you see a weasel coming in ? " asked Paddy.

" I did not, " said the old woman.


Paddy O'kelly and the Weasel (5) [Paddy and the Weasel]

Paddy O'kelly and the Weasel (5)

Paddy found the pot of gold and as he lifted the lid from the pot, a black dog jumped out but Paddy remembered the warning.

Paddy replaced his dead cows and horse, and bought a flock of sheep with the money.

The priest arranged masses to be said for the old woman.

And he went to see the man who owned the house where he had seen the weasel.
The owner warned Paddy that the house was haunted, but Paddy insisted on buying it, and stayed in the house all night, until a little man appeared.

The little man's name was Donal.
Donal played the bagpipes and said that he was the old man's son, and that he would be a good friend, so long as Paddy told no one else who he was.

Then Donal said, " I am visiting the Fortress of the Fairies of Connacht. Will you come with me ? You shall ride there on a horse provided by me. "

At midnight, the two flew off on to of Donal's broomsticks.

When they arrived, the fairy leader said, " Tonight we are going to visit high King and queen of the fairies. "
They wanted Donal and Paddy to go with them, so off they all went.


Paddy O'kelly and the Weasel (6) [Paddy and the Weasel]

Paddy O'kelly and the Weasel (6)

When they arrived at the hill where the high King and Queen of the fairies lived, the hillside opened up, and they walked inside.

There all the fairies were assembled, the king explained why they were all gathered together.
" Tonight we are to play a great hurling match against the fairies of Munster.
The Munster fairy folk always have two mortals to help them, so we would like you to come with us. "

When they arrived for the match, the fairies of Munster were already there, so they began to their game accompanied by bagpipe music. 

The Munster fairies were gaining the upper hand Paddy helped the little people of Connacht, by turning one of opponents' human helpers on his back.

Then the two sides started to fight, and before long the Connacht side were winners.

The Munster fairies turned themselves into flying beetles and ate up all the leaves from the trees and bushes until the countryside looked quite bare, then thousands of doves flew up and devoured the beetles.


Paddy O'kelly and the Weasel (7 完) [Paddy and the Weasel]

Paddy O'kelly and the Weasel (7 完)

Meanwhile the Connacht fairies returned to their hill, and Paddy given a purse of gold for his help.

Donal took him back home, and he was back in his bed before his wife had noticed that he had gone.

Paddy had settled down to enjoy his riches, when Donal came to Paddy to tell him that his mother was dead.

Paddy set fire to her hut with her body inside, as she had asked.
Once it was burned to the ground, Donal gave Paddy another purse of gold, saying, " This purse will not be empty in your lifetime. I am going away, but whenever you take money from here, remember me and the weasel. "

Then Donal was gone, and Paddy and his wife lived long and wealthy, and left much money and a farm to their children.

They all did as Donal had asked, and whenever they spent some of his mother's gold, they spared a thought for him and the weasel who had led Paddy to his wealth, when he had gone to sell his old donkey long ago.

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