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How far can a butterfly fly ? [How far butterfly fly?]

How far can a butterfly fly ?

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Some butterflies can go a very long way.
They flap their wings to go fast, then glide to take a rest.

Monarch butterflies travel the farthest.
※Monarch butterflies

They don't like cold weather, so they fly all the way from Canada to Mexico for the winter.

If you wanted to fly that far, you'd have to take a long airplane ride.

How many legs do bugs have ?


Most insects have six legs.
But a spider, which is not an insect, has eight.
It uses those extra legs to help it spin a web.

Some bugs have even more legs than that-a lot more.
A centipede usually has about 30legs.
A millipede can have more than 100.
※centipede ムカデ millipede ヤスデ

Why does bugs have feelers ?

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Bugs don't have noses, so they pick up smells with their feelers instead.
The smells help them figure out what's going on around them.

An ant find its way around by touching things with its feelers as its crawls.
Whenever two ants meet, they touch their feelers together. They know from the smell if they come from the same nest.


How far butterfly fly? ブログトップ