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Cherry of Zennor (1) [Cherry of Zennor]

Cherry of Zennor (1)

  Near the village of Zennor in Cornwall there lived a man everyone called Old Honey, in a tiny two-room hut with his wife and ten children.

  They grew food on the land around the hut, and gathered limpets and periwinkles from the shore.

  Old Honey's favorite daughter was Cherry, who could run as fast as the wind.


Cherry of Zennor (2) [Cherry of Zennor]

Cherry of Zennor (2)

  She was mischievous, but had such a winnin smile that everyone liked her.

  She loved to steal the horse of the miller's boy, and would ride out to the cliffs. If the miller's boy started to catch up, she left the horse behind, hid in the rocks or cairns that there were along the coast, and was never caught or found.

  Cherry was asweet-natured child until she reached her teens.
  She wanted to have a new dress, so that she could cut a fine figure at church or at the fair.

  But there was no money for dresses, so she mended the one she had. She thought it was not fit for her to go to the fair and look for a sweetheart.


Cherry of Zennor (3) [Cherry of Zennor]

Cherry of Zennor (3)

  One day, Cherry decided to leave home to look for a job so that she might have money of her own.

  The next morning she made a bundle of her few possessions and set off.

  She trudged along, but when she came to the Lady Downs cross roads, she sat down on a stone and cried.
  She felt tired, missed her family, and wished she was not alone.

  Just as she was drying her eyes and deciding that she would return to her family, a gentleman appeared.


Cherry of Zennor (4) [Cherry of Zennor]

Cherry of Zennor (4)

  Cherry thought this was odd, since she had seen no one coming before, and on Downs you could see for miles around.

  Wen the man bid her, " Good morning, " Cherry told him why she had left home, but that she had lost heart and was going to return.

  " I did not expect such luck, " said the man.
  " I ma looking for a young woman to keep house for me, for I am recently widowed. "

  So Cherry decided to go with the man and they set off together.


Cherry of Zennor (5) [Cherry of Zennor]

Cherry of Zennor (5)

  The old man explained that his home was in the "low country ", not far away.

  They reached an area where the lanes were sunk deep into the ground, with trees and bushes high on either side.
  Little sunright reached the lane, but the rich scent of sweetbrier and honeysuckle reassured Cherry, who might have been afraid of the dark.

  When they came to a river the gentleman carried Cherry across.
  On the other side, the lane seemed even darker, and Cherry held the man's arm.


Cherry of ZZennor (6) [Cherry of Zennor]

Cherry of Zennor (6)

  When they came to the gentleman's home, Cherry could not believe her eyes.

  The dark lane had not prepared her for a place of such beauty.

  The garden was full pf flowers of every color, fruit of all descriptions hung down from the trees, and birds sat in the branches, singing as if they were pleased that the master of the house was home.

  The garden was sounlike her own home that Cherry remembered how her grandmother had told her of places that had been enchanted by the little people.
  Could this be such a place ?


Cherry of Zennor (7) [Cherry of Zennor]

Cherry of Zennor (7)

  Cherry looked up as a voice called " Papa ! " and a small child, about two years old, came rushing towards the gentleman.

  But when Cheery looked at the child, although he was small, his faced seemed ald and winkled.

  A haggard old woman appeared from the house and came towards them.

  " This is Aunt Prudence, garandmother of my late wife, " said the gentleman.
  He explained that once Cheery knew her work, grandmother would leave.


Cherry of Zennor (8) [Cherry of Zennor]

Cherry of Zennor (8)

  Cherry found that inside the house was even more beautiful than the garden.

  Aunt Prudence produced a large and tasty meal, then the old woman showed Cherry to her room.

  " Keep your eyes close in bed, " said Aunt Prudence.
  " Or you may see things that frighten you. "

  Then she explained that in the morning Cherry was to take the boy to the spring, wash him and then rub ointment into his eyes.

  The ointment was in a box hidden in a gap in the rock by the spring

  On no account should she put the ointment on her own eyes.
  Then she was to milk the cow, and give the boy milk for his breakfast.


Cherry of Zennor (9) [Cherry of Zennor]

Cherry of Zennor (9)

  Next morning, Cherry rose early and began her work.

  She took the little boy to the spring, washed him and put the ointment on his eyes.
  But she could not see the cow.
  So Cherry made the clicking noise which she had used to call in the cow at home, and suddenly a fine cow appeared from the trees, and Cherry sat down to milk her.

  After breakfast, the old woman showed Cherry the kitchen, then Aunt Prudence told Cherry that under no circumstances should she go into any of the locked room.
  " You might see something that would frighten you, " she repeated.


Cherry of Zennor (10) [Cherry of Zennor]

Cherry of Zennor (10)

  Cherry went to help her master in the garden.

  She liked the gentleman.
  But Cherry did not like the old woman, who hovered in the background, muttering as if she wanted Cherry gone.

  When Cherry seemed settled in her new home, Prudence said,
 " Now you shall see some parts of the house you have seen before. "

  One room had a floor polished like glass and around the walls were figures of men, women, and children. all made of stone.
  They looked as if they were real people who had somehow been turned to stone, and she shivered with fear as she looked at them.


Cherry of Zennor (11) [Cherry of Zennor]

Cherry of Zennor (11)

  Cherry thought she was in an evil house, and told the woman she didn't want to see anymore. 

  But the old woman laughed, pushed Cherry into a room and made her polish a box that looked like a coffin on legs.

  " Rub harder, harder ! " shouted the old woman, and as Cherry rubbed, she heard an awful, chiling sound.
  The girl fainted as she heard it, and the master burst into the room.

The gentleman threw the old woman out and gave Cherry a soothing drink which made Cherry feel better, and made her forgot what she had seen.

soothing drink と made 

Cherry of Zennor (12) [Cherry of Zennor]

Cherry of Zennor (12)

  Life was much better for Cherry with the old woman gone.

  She was happy in her master's house, but still curious about what was going on there.

  When her master was out, she decided to try the Child's ointment on her eyes. Her eyes burned so she dashed to the pool to splash cool water on them.

  There she saw hundreds of tiny people at the bottom of the pool  ー including her master !

  With the ointment she could see the little people everywhere, in flowers, swinging in the trees, under bladesog grass.


Cherry of Zennor (13) [Cherry of Zennor]

Cherry of Zennor (13)

  She saw her master playing with a host of the little people.

  One of them, dancing on top of the coffin, and the master kissed her.

  Next day, when Cherry and her master were together in the garden, he bent to kiss her.
  " Kiss the little people like yourself, as you do when you go under the water. "

  Cherry cried, and slapped her master on the face.

  The gentleman knew then that Cherry had used some of the ointment on her eyes. She would have to leave him for good.


Cherry of Zennor (14) [Cherry of Zennor]

Cherry of zennor (14)

  Sadly, they parted.
  He gave her aa bundle of clothes and other fine things, picked up a lantern, and led her away from his garden, along the sunken lanes, and towards the Downs.

  Then he gave the girl a fine kiss, and said with a hint of sadness in his voice that he was sorry, but that she must be punished for her curiosity.
  Perhaps he would see her sometimes if she walked upon the Downs.


Cherry of Zennor (15 完) [Cherry of Zennor]

Cherry of Zennor (15)

  So Cherry returned to Zennor.

  Her people were surprised to see her, for she had been away for so long that they had though she was dead.

  Her parents could not believe her story at first, and thought she was covering up some mischief.

  But Cherry insisted that her story was true, and in time her family accepted what she said.

  Often she wandered on the Lady Downs, looking for her old master.

  But she never saw him again.

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