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The Legend of Knockgrafton (1) [Legend of Knockgrafton]

Legend of knockgrafton (1)

  By the Galtee mountains lonhg ago lived a poor basket-maker.

  he always wore a sprig of foxglove in his hat, so everyone called him Lusmore, an old Irish name for the foxglove.

  The most noticeable thing about Lusmore was that he had a huge hump on his back,
  This hump was so large that his head pressed down and his chin rested on his chest.

  When they first saw Lusmore, most people were scared of him.
  But when they him, they ralized that he was one of the most charming and helpful of people, in spite of such deformity.



The Legend of Knockgafton (2) [Legend of Knockgrafton]

The Legend of knockgrafton (2)

  One day, Lusmore was walking back home from a nearby town.

  He found himself by the ancient mound at Knockgrafton as it got dark. 
  He still had a way to travel, so decided to sit down beside the mount and rest for a while.

  As he sat down, Lusmore began to hear the most beautiful, unearthly music, with many voices singing different words, but blending in perfect harmony.

  Stranger still, the sound seemed to be coming from within the mount.


The Legend of knockgrafton (3) [Legend of Knockgrafton]

The Legend of knockgrafton (3)

  Luamore was enchanted and eventually started to sing along with the music, blending his voice beautifully, making the song sound even better than before.

  Suddenly, Lusmore found himself picked up at lightning speed, and before he knew it he was inside the mound.

  fairies danced around, obviously delighted that he had liked their singing and joined in,

  They danced around, in constant movement in time to the melodious song, and Lusmore smiled in amazement and enjoyment.


The Legend of Knockgrafton (4) [Legend of Knockgrafton]

The Legend of Knockgrafton (4)

  When the song was over, Lusmore watched the group of fairies talk among themselves, glancing at him and then going back to their conversation.

  He felt rather frightened, wondering what they would do to him.

  Then one fairy stepped towards him, chanting, " Lusmore, Lusmore, The hump that you bore, You shall have it no more, See it fall to the floor, Lusmore, Lusmore ! "

  Lusmore felt lighter, and found he could move more easily.
  Slowly, he lifted his head and found he could stand up straight, straighter than ever before.
  It was true ! The hump was gone !


The Legend of Knockgrafton (5) [Legend of Knockgrafton]

The Legend of Knockgrafton (5)

  As he looked around him, noticing again the strange beauty of the fairies who had been so kind to him, Lusmore began to feel dizzy.

  A tireness overtook him and he fell asleep among the fairies.

  When Lusmore awoke, he found himself outside the mound at Knockgrafton, in the morning sun.

  He said his prayers, then gingerly felt his back.
  There was still no hump, and Lusmore stood to his full height.


The legend of knockgrafton (6) [Legend of Knockgrafton]

The Legend of knockgrafton (6)

  To his delight he noticed that the fairies had dressed him in a smart new suit of clothes.

  So off he went home, with a spring in his step that he had never had before.

  None of his neighbors recognized  Lusmore.

  Then they realized that he had lost his hump, word spread qickly, and soon eaveryone was talking about Lusmore's amazing good fortune.


The Legend of Knockgrafton (7) [Legend of Knockgrafton]

The Legend of Knockgrafton (7)

  One day, Lusmore was by his door working at a new basket, when an old woman appeared.

  " Good day, " she said.
  " I  am looking for Lusmore, who had his hump removed by the fairies. My best friend's son has such a hump, and if he could visit the fairies, perhaps he too could be cured. "

  The basket-maker told her that she had found Lusmore, and explained the story of  how he had lost his hump.

  The old woman thanked Lusmore, and went back to tell her friend what her son, Jack Madden, should do to lose his hump.


The Legend of Knockgrafton (8) [Legend of Knockgrafton]

The Legend of Knockgrafton (8)

  Jack Madden set off for Knockgrafton, and sat down beside it.

  Soon he heard the sound of the fairies singing.
  Jack madden was in a hurry to be rid of his his hump, and joined in straightaway.

  He was greedy fellow, who thought that if he sung louder, he might get two new suits of clothes instead of Lusmore's one.

  He bawled away as loudly as he could, almost shouting out the fairies in his eargerness to be heard. 

  Just  as he expected, Jack madden was taken inside the mound and sorrounded by fairies.


The Legend of Kcockgrafton (9 完) [Legend of Knockgrafton]

The Legend of Knockgafton (9)

  The fairies were angry with Jack Madden and chanted : " jack Madden, jack Madden, You are such a bad'un,Your life willsadden, Two humps for Jack Madden ! "

  A group of fairies took Lusmore's old hump and stuck it on Jack's back.

  When jack Madden's mother and her friend came to look for Jack, they found him with his two humps.

  They pulled at the new hump but they could not remove it.

  They went home cursing the fairies and anyone who dared to go and listen to fairy music.

  And poor Jack madden had two hump for the rest of his life.

(9/9 完)


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