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Earl Gerald (1) [Earl Gerald]

Earl Gerald (1)

  Earl Gerald was one of the bravest leaders in Ireland long ago.

  He lived in a castle at Mullaghmast with his lady and his knights, and if Ireland was attacked, Earl Gerald joined the fight to defend his homeland.

  Gerald was also a magician who could change himself into any shape or form that he wanted.
  This fascinated his wife, but she had never seen Gerald change his shape.


Earl Gerald (2) [Earl Gerald]

Earl Gerald (2)

  Although she had often asked him to show her, Gerald always put her off, until one day her pleading got too much for him.

  " Very well, " said Earl Gerald.
  " I will do what you ask. But you must promise not to show any fear. If you are frightened, I will not be able to change myself back again for hundreds of years. "

  As she had seen him in battle against fearsome enemies, sha felt would not be frightened by such a small thing, so Gerald agreed to change his shape.


Earl Gerald (3) [Earl Gerald]

Earl Gerald (3)

   They were  sitting un the castle's great chamber when suddenly Gerald vanished and a beautiful goldfinch flew around the room.

  His wife was shocked by the sudden change, but stayed calm.

  She was delighted with the bird, and smiled merrily, when suddenly and without warning, a great hawk swooped through the open windows, diving towards the finch.

  The lady screamed, even though the hawk missed Gerald and crashed into the table top.

  The damage was done.
  Gerald's wife had shown her fear.

  As she looked down she realized that the tiny bird had vanished.
  She never saw either the goldfinch or Earl Gerald again.


Earl Gerald (4) [Earl Gerald]

Earl Gerald (4)

  Hundreds of years have passed by since Earl Gerald disappeared, and his wife is long dead.

  Ocacasinally, Gerald may be seen.

  Once in seven years, he rides around the Curragh of Kildare.

  The few who have seen him say that his horse has shoes made of silver, and the story goes that when these shoes are worn away, Gerald will return, fight a great battle, and rule as King of Ireland for forty years.

  Meanwhile, in a cavern beneath the old castle of Mullaghmast, Gerald and his knights sleep.
  They are dressed in full armor and sit around a long table with the Earl at the head.
  Their horsed, saddled and bridled, stand ready.

  When the right moment comes, a young lad with six fingers on each hand will blow a trumpet to awaken them.


Earl Gerald (5) [Earl Gerald]

Earl Gerald (5)

  Almost one hundred years ago,  Earl Gerald was on a  seven-yearly ride when an old horse-dealer passed Gerald's sleeping knights in their cavern.

  He was amazed to see in the lamp-light the knights in their armor, slumped on the table fast asleep, and the fine horses waiting there.


Earl Gerald (6) [Earl Gerald]

Earl Gerald (6)

  Suddenly he dropped the bridle he was holding with a clatter and one of the knights stirred in his slumber.

  " Has the times comes ? " groaned the knight.

  The horse-dealer was struck dumb for a moment, but fianlly he replied.
  " No, not yet. But it soon will. "


Earl Gerald (7 完) [Earl Gerald]

Earl Gerald (7)

  The knight slumped back on to the table, his helmet giving a heavy clank on the board.

  The horse-dealer ran away home with all the speed he could manage.

  And Earl Gerald's knights slept on.



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