The Merchant of Venice (7)  [The Merchant of Venice]

The Merchant of Venice (7)

  " She is rich and young and beautiful. Her hair is like gold, and her face is always sunny and happy. She is always smiling. Antonio! She is beautifuk. She likes me. I am certain she would marry me, " he explained.

  Antonio laughed.
  "  You are my friend, Bassanio, " he comforted, " and I will help you. You know that all my ships are at sea just now, so I do not have much money to give you. However, you can go into town and try to borrow the money. Tell the moneylenders that ANtonio will guarantee the maneypaid back to them. Don't worry !  I will help you to go to Belmont and court Portia. "

  Bassanio, of course, was very pleased. He immediately started to make his plans.


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