The Merchant of Venice (9) [The Merchant of Venice]

The Merchant of Venice (9)

  Portia was unhappy because she wanted  a husband, but her father's will stopped her from choosing one that she liked.
  At the same time, it stopped her from refusing one that she didnot like.

  her father had arranged a kind of guessing game for men who came to court his daughter.

  There were three boxes. Each one had something written on it. Every suitor had to chose a box. Portia's father thought the right man would understand the meaning of the three boxes and choose the right one.

  The man who chose the right box could marry Portia, but if a man chose the wrong box, he would never marryanyone at all.

  Her first suitor was a prince from Naples.
  Portia did not like him because he talked about cats all the time. He didn't seem to know about anything except cats, and nothing else interested him.
  Portia did not like cats.


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