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The Bremen Town Musicians (1) [Bremen Town Musicians]

The Bremen Town Musicians (1)

Once upon a time a man had a donkey, which for many years had faithfully carried his grain to the mill.

At last, however, the animal's strength began to fail and he was no longer of any use for work.

His master then began to think about getting rid of him.

The donkey felt there was something in the air, so he ran awayーdown the road to Bremen.
Therehe thought he could become a town musician.

When he had gone a little way, he found a dog who lay panting on the road as though he had ru himself off his legs.

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" Well, why are you panting so, Growler ? " asked the donkey.

" Ah, " answered the dog, "just because I am old, and everyday I get weaker.
Also, because I can no longer keep up with the other dogs, my master wanted to kill me.
So I ran away.
But now, how am I to earn my bread ? "

" Do you know what ? " said the donkey.
" I am going to Bremen. There I shall become a town musician. Come with me and take your part in the music. I shall play the lute, and you shall beat the kettledrum. "

The dog agreed, and they went on.

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The Bremen Town Musicains (2) [Bremen Town Musicians]

The Bremen Town Musicains (2)

A short time after, they came upon a cat, sitting in the road with a face as long as a wet week.

with a face as long as a wet week:うっとうしく沈んだ顔で(湿りがちな空模様のただなかにいるような顔でーだと思うのですがー)

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”Well, what has been bothering you, Whiskers ? " asked the donkey.

" Who can be cheerful when his neck is in danger ? " said the cat.
" I am getting old , and my teeth are dull.
I prefer to sit by the stove and purr insteadof hunting around after mice.
Just because of this, my mistress wanted to dwown me.
I ran away, but now I don't know what is to become of me. "

" Come with us to Bremen, " said the donkey.
" You are a great hand at serenading. You can become a town musician. "

great hand at ~:長けている 

The cat agreed, and joined them.

Next, the three passed by a yard where a cock was sitting on the gate, crowing with all its might.

crowing with all its might:全力を振り絞って鳴いている

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" Your crowing goes through and through one, " said the donkey.
" What's the matter ? "

" Whyーbecause Sunday visitors are coming tomorrow, the mistress ordered the cook to make me into soup !
Now I am crowing with all my might while I have the chance. "

" Come along, Redcomb, " said the donkey.
" We're going to Bremen. You'll find a much better life there.
You have a strong voice. When we make music together, it will be good. "

The cock agreed, and they all four went off together.

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The Bremen Town Musicians (3) [Bremen Town Musicians]

The Bremen Town Musicians (3)

They could not, however, reach the town in one day.

By evening they arrived at a wood, where they decided to spend the night.

The donkey and the dog lay down under the big tree.
The cat and the cock settled themselves in the branches.
The cock flew right up to the top, which was the safest place for him.

Before going to sleep, the cock looked around once more on every side.

Suddenly he saw a light burning in the distance.
He called out, " There must be a house not far off, for I see a light."

"Very well, " said the donkey, " Let us set out and make our way to it, for we have little confort here. "

The dog thought, too, that some bones or meat would be just the thing for him, so they set off toward the light.

They soon saw it shining more clealy and getting bigger and bigger, till they reached a robber's den all lighted up.

The donkey, being the tallest, went up to the window and looked in.

" What do you see, Old Donkey ? " asked the cock. 

" What do I see ? " answered the donkey.
" why, a table spread with delicious food and drink, and robbers seated at it enjoying themselves. "

" That would just suit us, " said the cock.

" Yesーif we were only there, " answered the donkey.

The animals began to think about how they might drive  the robber out.

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The Breme Town Musicians (4) [Bremen Town Musicians]

The Breme Town Musicians (4)

At last they hit upon a plan:

The donkey was to put his forefeet on the window sill.

The dog was to jump on his back.

The cat would climb up on top of the hound, and last of all the cock was to fly up and perch on the cat's head.

So that was done, and at a given signal they all began to perform.

The donkey barayed, the dog barked, the cat mewed, and the cock crowed.
Then they dashed through the window, shattering the glass.

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The robbers fled at this terrble noise.
They thought that nothing less than a demon was coming, and ran into the wood in the greatest alarm.

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The four animals now sat down at the tabe.
They helped themselves and ate as though they had been starving for weeks.

When they had finished, tey put out the light and looked for sleepnig places, each choosing one that suited its own nature and taste.

The donkey lay down outside, the dog behind the door, the cat on the hearth near the warm ashes, and cock flew up to the rafters.

As they were tired from their long journey, they soon went to sleep.

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The Bremen Town Musicians (5) [Bremen Town Musicians]

The Bremen Town Musicians (5)

When midnight was past, and the robbers saw from a distance that the light was no longer burning and that all seemed quiet, the chief said,
" We ought not to have been acared so easily. "

He ordered one of the robbers to go back to examine the house.

The robber found everything quiet, and went on into the kitchen to kindle a  light.

Taking the cat's glowing, fiery eyes for live coals, he held a match close to them so as to light it.

But the cat would stand no nonsense.
It flew at his face, spitting and scratching.

The man was terribly frightened and ran away.

He tried to get out by the back door, but the dog, who was lying there, jumped up and bit his leg.
As the man ran on across the yard, the donkey gave him a good sound kick with his hind legs.

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The cock, who had been awakened by the noise and felt quite fresh and gay, cried out from his perch, " Cock-a- doodle-doo ! "

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