Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (1) [Ali Baba]

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (1)

Once upon a time, in a Pesian city, there ived two brothers who loved each other very much and often visited each other.

One was a merchant called Cassim and the other was a woodcutter called Ali Baba.

One day, on his way to the forest with his three donkeys, Ali Baba saw a cloud of dust in the distance.

It was undoubtedly a large and possibly unfriendly group of horsemen because vey few people passed along this road.

Since he was afraid of being robbed, Ali Baba looked for a hiding place.

Not far away was a very high rock, next to which stood a tall tree.
Ali Baba hid his donkeys, climbed into the tree and waited.

The could of dust quickly became bigger and soon tyhe group arrived.

There were forty men, each carrying a big bag on his shoulders.
The men jumped down from their horses and tied them next to the rock.


すみません、また、2本立てで。新しく買ってきました「A TREASURY OF FAIRY TALES」にあったもので、つい、ですね。アリババと40人の盗賊。 

Ali Baba and the Forty Theives (2) [Ali Baba]

Ali Baba and the Forty Theives (2)

Then the reader approached the rock and cried,

" Open, Sesame ! "

To Ali Baba's astonishment, a door opened in the rock face.

The men disappeared into the cave and the door closed behind him.

Ali Baba stayed in his tree, not daring to climb down right away.

While he was thinking what to do next, the door opened again.
The men came out and the leader commanded the door,
" Close, Sesame ! "

It rumbled shut.
Then the men mounted their horse again and and rode off.

When they were far away, ali Baba climbed down from the tree, stood in front of the rock and, after hesigtating for a time, he also cried,
" Open Sesame ! "

Once again the rock face opened and Ali Baba walked into a most amazing cave.


Ali Baba and the Forty Theives (3) [Ali Baba]

Ali Baba and the Forty Theives (3)

There was enough light inside to see a collection of fabuous treasuresーsilk material, rich fabrics, carpets, and, above all, bags overflowing with gold and silver.

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It was obviously the secret hide-out of a group of robbers.

After Ali Baba had recovered from his astonishment, he gathered as much gold as his three donkeys could carry and close the cave with the magic words.

When he arrived home, he emptied his bags in front of his wife, who was dazzled by the gold.

He then told her all about his adventure.

" We are rich ! " she cried ,  dancing and clapping her hands.
" But how much exactly do we have ? "

" Enough to live in pease for the rest of our days. " answered Ali Baba.

" I want to be sure. We must count it ! " his wife demanded.


Ali Baba and the Forty Theif (4) [Ali Baba]

Ali Baba and the Forty Theif (4)

Ali Baba did not see any reason for this, but he did not want to upset his wife so he let her have her way.

She immediately went to Cassim to ask him for a measuring cup. 

Cassim's wife opened the door.

" A measuring cup ? " she asked, astonished.

" Yes, the biggest one you have ! " replied Ali Baba's wife.

Cassim's wife lent her the cup, but she secetly stuck some candle-wax on the bottom because she wanted to know what there was to measure at a poor woodcutter's house.

When Ali Baba's wife returned home she began to scoop up the gold with the cup.
She filled it once, twice, many times.

A little while later she returned the cuo to her sister-in-law but, in her hurry, she did not notice that there was a gold piece stuck   to the bottom.


Ali Baba and the Forty Theif (5) [Ali Baba]

Ali Baba and the Forty Theif (5)

When Cassim came home his wife said, " Sit down here ! Ihave something to tell you. "

" What is it ? " asked Cassim.

" Cassim, do you think you are rich ? " she said.

" Enough to be happy, " he replied.

" Well, Ali Baba is a thousand times richer than you are, " said his wife.
" He has so much gold at home that he needs a measuring cup to count it ! "

And she showed him a gold piece.

Cassim, who was bit jealous, went to his brother's house and said, " Tell me, I beg you, how do you have so much gold at your house ? "

Ali Baba realized his secret had been discovered and because he loved his brother he told him everything, including the magic words to open the door to the theives's hide-out.

Cassim thanked him.

Early the next morning, he set off with ten mules to find the rock.

" Open Sesame ! " he cried when he reached it.

The door opened.
He went inside and the door closed behind him.  


Ali Baba and the Forty Theif (6) [Ali Baba]

Ali Baba and the Forty Theif (6)

For a moment he was astonished by all the glitering treasure, then he pulled himself together and began to fill the bags.

When they were full he tried to leave the cave, but he couldn't remember the magic words.

" Open,Ogre ! " he cried.

The door stayed closed.
He tried again and again.

No matter what words he said, he could not think of the right one, so hours later he was still locked in.

As ill luck would have it, the theives arrived at the cave.

When they opened the magic door Cassim took the cahnce to escape.

He was caught immediately by the thieves who killed him on the spot and cut him up into four pieces.


Ali Baba and the Forty Theif (7) [Ali Baba]

Ali Baba and the Forty Theif (7)

The next day Ali Baba came to the rock in serch of his brother.

To his horror he discovered his brother's remains.

Weeping with shock and grief, he put the four pieces that were left of his brother on the donkeys and returned home to Cassim's widow to tell her the dreadful news.

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Now, Cassim had a very clever servant whose name was Morgiane.

"Morgiane, we will have to cover up the true reason for Cassim's death ! " said Ali Baba.

" Don't worry, I know how to handle that ! " she replied.

The next day the servant went several times to the chemist, pretending that her master had fallen ill.

Each time she asked for stronger and atronger medicines, saying that he was going from bad to worse.

The following day, no one was surprised, therefore, to hear that Cassim had died.

Also in the city ived a very old, wise garment-maker called Baba Moustafa.
Morgiane asked him to come to her in secret, bringing the tools of his trade.

Baba Moustafa, who was suspicious, did not agree to do so unless he was given a large sum of money.

He was then blindfolded and led into Cassim's room.


Ali Baba and the forty thieves (8) [Ali Baba]

Ali Baba and the forty thieves (8)

There Morgiane took off the blindhold and asked him to sew her poor master's body back together.

Baba Moustafa did so and, after he was finished, he was blindholded again and taken home.

In this way Cassim had a dignified funeral and no one was the least suspicious.

Ali Baba inherited his brother's house.

As he liked that house better than his own, he moved in with his wife and they lived together with Cassim's widow and Morgiane the servant.

In the meantime, the forty thieves had not foggoten the intruder in their cave.

" Someone else knows our secret! " said the leader.

" The pile of gold is smaller. Who will go into the city to see what can be found out? "

One of the thieves volunteered and left early the next morning in disguise.

He soon found Baba Moustafa's shop in which the old wise man was busy with his work. 


Ali Baba and the forty theives (9) [Ali Baba]

Ali Baba and the forty theives (9)
" Good man ! " the theif said to the old man.

"How can you still see so clearly at your age ? "

" Eh ? I can see that you are not from around here ! " said Baba Moustafa.
" My eyes are the best in the city.
Why, not long ago I sewed a dead man back together in a room much darker than this ! "

" Go on... Where was that ? " asked the thief.

" I don't know. I was taken there blindholded, " replied Baba Moustafa.

The thief held out a couple of gold pieces.

" Take me there ! "

" I told you, I was blindholded ! " said Baba Moustafa.

" Try to remember in which direction you were led ! " pressed the thief.

Baba Moustafa accepted challenge and, as he had a good memory, they soon arrived in front of Cassim's house, which was now Ali Baba's.

The thief thanked Baba Moustafa, then he secretly made a cross with chalk on the door and went back into the forest.

Shortly afterwards, Morgiane discovered the mark.

She assumed that this mark was not a good sign so she took a piece of chalk od the same colour and drew crosses on all the other doors in the neighborhood.


Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (10) [Ali Baba]

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (10)

That same night, the forty thieves sneaked into the city.

They looked for the door marked with a cross, intending to kill the poeple who lived there.

But when they found that every door had a cross they left in great anger. 

The following day the leader decided to take things into his own hands.

He too found Baba Moustafa, who led him to Ali Baba's house.

The leader examined it cosely and very soon he had an idea.

When he got back to the forest he sent his men to buy some mules and forty leather oil jars.

When everything had been bought the leader filled one of jars with oil, leaving the others empty.

Then he ordered all his men into the empty jars which he then sealed, leaving just a little airhole in each lid.

That night he drove his strange convoy into the city.

Ali Baba was enjoying the cool, night air when the leader of the thieves stopped outside, pretending that he was an oil merchant bound for market the following day.

He said that he had come a long distance and was very tired.

Ali Baba did not recognize him at all.

"You are welcome here, " Ali Baba said.
" Come into my house and spend the night ! "


Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (11) [Ali Baba]

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (11)

The fake merchant put his jars in the courtyard under the window of the room where he would be staying.

While Ali Baba was out of earshot the leader went to each jar and gave his orders.

" Can you hear me ? " When I throw little stones out of my window, split the vases from top to bottom with your knives and get out ! I will then tell you what to do. "

He went to bed early, keeping all his clothes on, ready for action.

Meanwhile, Morgiane was working in the kitchen when her oil lamp suddenly went out.

" Oh ! What a time to run out of oil ! " sha cried.

" Well, go into the courtyard, " said Abdalla, another servant.
" There is plenty of oil as lomg as the merchant is here ! "

So Morgiane took a jugand went outside.

When she approached the first jar, she heard,

" Hey ! Is it time ? "

That voice certainly came from the jar !

Morgiane, who was a quick thinker, realized the danger immediately and answered in a whisper,
" Not yet, but soon ! "    


Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (12) [Ali Baba]

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (12)

Later, when the leader of the thieves threw the little stones out of his window, he was angry that there was no response.

He went outside to wake up the thieves, but when he semlled the hot oil and leather he thought it wiser to leave quickly !

Next morning, when Ali Baba came back from the bath house, he was surprised to see the jars still in his courtyard.

Morgiane told him to open one of them and when he saw what was in it he jumped back in fright.

Then the servant told him about how she had rescued him and his family.

Ali Baba realized that men in the jars must be the thieves from the cave with the magic door.

As a reward he gave Morgiane her freedom.

He buried the bodies, sold the mules and carefully hid the weapons and the leather jars.

However, although the leader of the thieves had run off, he was not that far away.

He longed to take his revenge on the man who had invaded his hoard and destroyed his gang.


Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (13) [Ali Baba]

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (13)

In a little while he returned to the city. rented a shop and became a cloth  merchant, calling himself Cogia Houssain.

He made it his business to become very friendly with Ali Baba"s son.

He was extremely courteous to the young man, and fianlly succeeded inbeing invited to his father's house.

Ali Baba invited his son's new friend to stay for dinner, but the man refused.

" Why do you refuse ? "

" It is because I can only eat food without salt, and this creates too much trouble for the poeple who invite me, " said the phoney merchant.

" That makes no differrence to me ! " cried Ali Baba.
" I can offer you a meal without salt. Come on ! I beg you ! Do me the honor and stay. "

The man then accepted.

Morgiane was annoyed that she had to start all over again, preparing food without salt, but she did as she was asked.

She thought the guest must be a very strange man to make such demands.

Under the pretext of helping Abdalla, she served at the table so that she could have a look at the stranger.

Morgiane was more perceptive than Ali Baba.

She recognized the cruel leader of the thieves straight away, even though he was disguised as a cloth merchant.

She saw the knife he was hiding under his clothes and devised a very bold plan.

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (14) [Ali Baba]

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (14) 

When they had eaten their dessert, she dressed herself up as a dancer, with a sword fixed to her belt as if it was part of the costume.

Ali Baba accompanied her playing the tambourine.

As if it were part of the dance, Morgiane drew the sword from its sheath. 

Ali Baba was delighted.
He let her dance for a long time, thinking to entertai his guest who was actually waiting for the right moment to kill him.

As was the custom, when the dance was over, Abadalla took the hollow tambourine to collect some money.

Ali baba threw one gold piece, and the leader of the thieves took out his pouch to find one too.

While he was fumbling in his pouch, Morgiane thrust the sword deep into his heart.


Ali Baba and the Forty thieves (15) [Ali Baba]

Ali Baba and the Forty thieves (15)

He died instantly.

Once again, Morgiane had uncovered the evil plot of the thieves's leader, and Ali Baba was determined to reward her richly.

A few days later, a magnificent feast was held to celebrate the wedding of his son and Morgiane.

Ali baba let an entire year pass by, then as there appeared no reason to fear further reprisals, he mounted his horse and rode to the thieves's cave.

He cried out oud the words,

" Open, Sesame ! "


Ali Baba and the Foety Thieves (16 完) [Ali Baba]

Ali Baba and the Foety Thieves (16 完)

The door opened and Ali Baba found all the treasure as he had last seen it.

Now he was the only one who new the secret.

He loaded his horse with gold and returned home.

At last he called his son and told him of his adventures from beginning to end, including the magic words "O
pen sesame"

And si this was how Ali Baba and his offspring passed the secret on from father to son.

They lived in great splendor to the end of thier days, and they were loved and hornored by the entire city.

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(16/16 完)